Disaggregating the Equation of Time and Economic Value

Maturity arrives when we are no longer delusional about our finite life span. Time is unquestionably every individuals bedrock resource. Yet, our lives are dominated by acts of relinquishing authority over our time. We call it "wage earning" when our rational mind willingly suspends our direct encounter with circumstantial reality and instead pursues another's imagination... in exchange for survival. 

     If the quality of the availed survival is palpable we endure for a season and then go quietly into the night; perhaps, for some, with a melancholy tug at not having stood "up front", but for most with but a weary whimper.  If the "labor exchange" proves oppresive and the certainty of survival turns doubtful, we most likely do not leave our place in line.  We just divert our consciousness away from our heighthened fear by emersing ourselves in some analgesics of this world or some mystical mind-games about the next world .  When the "exchange" turns  dire and death appears close at hand, (i.e. when capital becomes fatally unhinged)....... we fight.

     When we do fight, we fight not for a new and improved economic paradigm, but simply to resist that system which is in place.   We have lost contact with our instinct to manage our own time in this unavoidable struggle to survive called "life".  Unless we rediscover this instinct and craft a new economic system wherein there are viable options to "selling the time of our life", it's going to be a bleak future with  two percent in a palace on the hill, 49% in a "seratonin stupor", and 49% praying for "The Rapture"   


Inside Pandora's Box....."me"

    Clearly, I am ageing within a culture that is also ageing. My sense is that both are changing at an accelerated rate. Perhaps this is natural.  We all recall the admonishments of grandparents anxious that youth would run us all off of a cliff. Perhaps, but in my most analytical non-emotional mind I can't escape the sense that a few unprecedented phenomenal occurrences have, well...opened Pandora's Box!

     My poem assessment:


I don't remember any opposing instinct
It seemed natural and normal to see "me" apart from the many others

Was "the me" immutable on arrival, simply so at all places and at all times?
Or did it, virus like, arrive and spread across our kind as an adaptive choice   

Now, very far along the wheel, I have found more light and the " me" sees more clearly
I now know that there can be no lasting future unless  the "me energy" dissolves into our common memory

I have realized that my closest encounters are unstable and that my broadest contexts are polarized and brittle
At every relationship portal separation and anguish are brewing

Yes, there is an emerging art that speaks to a transformed and enlightened future, but
 ten thousand years of "I am me and you are not" will resist going quietly into the night

The "meme of me" will scream collective, and rain fear, and mouth the words of Gods made from mirrors
So look cautiously if you peer into tomorrow, for the only path is steep and it must cross a wide river made of our tears


"Zucki Tokens"

     Blockchain crypto currencies have become commonplace in recent years, at least for that subset of humans who experience educated, sophisticated and worldly lives. My guess as to their numeric prevelance is that these early-adopters represent less than !% worldwide, and no more than 3% in any country.  Small numbers, but like all change, big impact.  No longer is the media offering reports of bitcoin millionaire teenagers and international mega-frauds.  The technology has evolved and media has now turned to speculating about "mainstreet" becoming integrated in this "exchange medium" revolution. 

     The current most visible inititive to "privatize money" is Facebook, who across their various platforms touch 3+ billion humans, most of whom would be happy to complete economic transactions with their Facebook password instead of paper or bank plastic.  If the Post Office has in most part given way to UPS and FedEx, perhaps its time we bypass the First National Bank of Everywhere.  Probably most of us, (the 99%)  believe Facebook will keep our accounts straight and our purchasing power intact, even if we have no idea what Blockchain means. 

     We do know that most of our acquaintenances that call themselves Bankers are Assholes and they are regulated by Asshole+ Beauracrats, who report to Elected Politicians whose corruption is only exceeded by their stupidity. Sure Mr. Zuckerberg, bring it on.  I will be pleased to pay for my new Telsa with "Zucki Tokens". I will frame my last $100,000 USD know the one with Trump's picture on both the front and the back. #Facebook


Fact Rhetoric 

  Public rhetoric has historically been low on fact verbiage and high on value verbiage.  As such, main street imbibed "rhetoric speech" as one source of "news", and then cross referenced their emotional biases against "fact speech", presumed to identify true space/time events and patterns. Humans integrated these differing cognitive elements and thereby produced a somewhat workable civilization.  

     Throughout history there have been autocrats seeking to oppress minorities, majorities nations, and worlds.  It is the human tragedy.  In the main, oppressions have been about mobilizing economic and physical forces arrayed to overwhelm opponents.  "Trojan Horse and Manchurian Candidate" type psychological ploys have occasionally found their way into despot arsenals, but have not been often deployed weapons.  Oppressors seek to control wealth, not destroy it.  It is somewhat comforting  that WMD's,  biological and nuclear,  are not weapons of choice, but.....

     in todays gigibit delivered reality, a new WMD has come of age. In Startrek, the Romulans had a  cloaking devise that obscured selected matter to their combat advantage. In today's cyber culture an oppressor can achieve the same advantage by obscuring societal access to "fact speech".  The mechanics are obvious and simple.  When best truths are deeply hidden in a sea of alternatively palatable fact representations,, then only rhetoric remains as a decision strategy.....and he who rhetorics best, wins the day.

     This "fact dust ploy" would perhaps not be so insidious, were its effect just local, but like bio and nuclear, "fact dust" is an indiscriminate weapon. Most likely, today neither Trump, nor AOC, nor Mary on Main Street, have any fact based insight about global warming, abortion, tariffs, or damn near anything that will impact their collective lives.  They hear only rhetoric and they speak only rhetoric.

Thanks...... we are now totally confused.  Can we recover?  Probably not!




"Snowflake Babies" $8000 each.....Get'm while they're cold! 

     I did not know that 300,000 IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) proceedures are done each year or that 2M+ millennials started IVF.  I kinda remembered that the procedure involved lab production of multiple embryos precedent to transfering a selected embryo into a females uterus, and then discarding or freezing the excess embryos.  I certainly did not know that a growing market for these "extra embryos" (EE"S) existed or that there are an estimated one million EE's in inventory.  

     Needless to say this is complicated, not biologically or procedurally, but very much so at the morality and sociological levels. EE dispositions are caught up in the fundamentalist "right to life" theology, the biological profiteering concerns, the legal issues regarding "personal identity", and reproductive health costs.  Sex is free, but often unsuccessful, IVF is health taxing and often not successful (260K attempts/ 150K transfers in 2016), and costs $15k.  An EE transfer costs about $8k and has a high progeny rate.

     There is, of course, something "just not right" about the "EE Market". But, I must conceed that it plays well across the sociological spectrum.  At alt-right it is "rescuing souls", and at alt-left it is "sanitized selectivity".  Perhaps, with a "snowflake baby"...everyone wins!