Who Be the Duke Now.... qui tam

Duke University Agrees to Pay U.S. $112.5    Million to Settle False Claims Act Allegations Related to Scientific Research Misconduct at Duke University


 "The allegations were originally brought in a lawsuit filed by Joseph Thomas, a former Duke employee, under the "qui tam", or whistleblower, provisions of the False Claims Act, which permit private individuals to sue on behalf of the government and share in any recovery.  The Act permits the government to intervene in and take over the whistleblower’s suit, or, as in this case, for the whistleblower to pursue the action on the government’s behalf.  Mr. Thomas will receive $33,750,000 from the settlement."


      Perhaps in today's Trump illuminated moral climate, the Justice Department will compete with the IRS for Federal "revenue production".  If we Americans were to be inducted by Facebook to "qui tam" all of our employers, charities, churches and friends...we might well not need the IRS




Hopefully....Trump is a "Smart Parasite"

"It’s a smart parasite that does not kill its host."  I saw a blog comment recently that offered up a threat to the American elite.  The comment asked, rhetorically, of the hedge fund crowd, "who will protect the Hamptons when they come for you"?  This no doubt educated, provisioned and secure anti-elite com mentor followed with: 

       "When the regular folks have been desensitized and downtrodden enough that they are ready to commit atrocities as opposed to slow suicide, well I guess we’ll have to get going on a whole new crop of elite."

Regrets, I suspect that today's wannabe Marxists will do little more than blog and dream of appearing on MSNBC.  A more cynical comment in this same thread countered:

 "I could see it happen in, say Scotland, but not in this country. Americans will go to the homeless camps and the poor parts of town and slaughter those people for freedom and Jesus."

And when they do, we will talk and write about it with cultured pathos.  As a further com mentor in this same blog thread added:

"I am not sure the petite bourgeoisie of professionals who scorn the deplorables and embrace the empty rhetoric and personalities of “hope and change” as if they were objects of fashionable interior decor are much better."

It is increasingly apparent that when the sky really does fall, we "Chicken Littles" will pretty much get what we deserve!




Alexa.....please ask "Minhua Wu" for help!

     Because we Americans are so "exceptional". we get to make, and take credit for, and name all cool things like telephones and televisions and more recently "Voice Assistance Devices like Alexa.  I happened to click on the "Alexa Science Blog" today and noted page after page of technical posts related to machine learning, neural net experiments, etc.


     Not only were the first two entries from, what might have been a list of finalist in the National Spelling Bee, but, clicking through the pages, it was apparent that the rapidly evolving Alexa is being brought to every household in America by persons who most of our electorate want to silence.  I am not suggesting anthing sinister about "nationalism".  I do like a pure play, however.  If we  are so damn exceptional, we should be satisfied with a Voice Assist Device made by Billy Long, Sara Smith, and Jimmy Johnson and not insist on one brought to us by:

Hari Parthasarathi
Kenichi Kumatani
Yuan-yen Tai
Rahul Gupta
Minhua Wu
Ming Sun
Behnam Hedayatnia
Mike Rodehorst
Alessandro Moschitti
Anuj Goyal
Anish Acharya
Rasool Fakoor
Sanchit Agarwal

     Literally thes were exclusively the named contributors on "all" of the blog entries. Excepting, maintaining control of the world currency markets, (a Jewish thing),  we be outsourcing everything.  "Alexa... ask Rasool how I can pass that damn GED test."


Disaggregating the Equation of Time and Economic Value

Maturity arrives when we are no longer delusional about our finite life span. Time is unquestionably every individuals bedrock resource. Yet, our lives are dominated by acts of relinquishing authority over our time. We call it "wage earning" when our rational mind willingly suspends our direct encounter with circumstantial reality and instead pursues another's imagination... in exchange for survival. 

     If the quality of the availed survival is palpable we endure for a season and then go quietly into the night; perhaps, for some, with a melancholy tug at not having stood "up front", but for most with but a weary whimper.  If the "labor exchange" proves oppresive and the certainty of survival turns doubtful, we most likely do not leave our place in line.  We just divert our consciousness away from our heighthened fear by emersing ourselves in some analgesics of this world or some mystical mind-games about the next world .  When the "exchange" turns  dire and death appears close at hand, (i.e. when capital becomes fatally unhinged)....... we fight.

     When we do fight, we fight not for a new and improved economic paradigm, but simply to resist that system which is in place.   We have lost contact with our instinct to manage our own time in this unavoidable struggle to survive called "life".  Unless we rediscover this instinct and craft a new economic system wherein there are viable options to "selling the time of our life", it's going to be a bleak future with  two percent in a palace on the hill, 49% in a "seratonin stupor", and 49% praying for "The Rapture"   


Inside Pandora's Box....."me"

    Clearly, I am ageing within a culture that is also ageing. My sense is that both are changing at an accelerated rate. Perhaps this is natural.  We all recall the admonishments of grandparents anxious that youth would run us all off of a cliff. Perhaps, but in my most analytical non-emotional mind I can't escape the sense that a few unprecedented phenomenal occurrences have, well...opened Pandora's Box!

     My poem assessment:


I don't remember any opposing instinct
It seemed natural and normal to see "me" apart from the many others

Was "the me" immutable on arrival, simply so at all places and at all times?
Or did it, virus like, arrive and spread across our kind as an adaptive choice   

Now, very far along the wheel, I have found more light and the " me" sees more clearly
I now know that there can be no lasting future unless  the "me energy" dissolves into our common memory

I have realized that my closest encounters are unstable and that my broadest contexts are polarized and brittle
At every relationship portal separation and anguish are brewing

Yes, there is an emerging art that speaks to a transformed and enlightened future, but
 ten thousand years of "I am me and you are not" will resist going quietly into the night

The "meme of me" will scream collective, and rain fear, and mouth the words of Gods made from mirrors
So look cautiously if you peer into tomorrow, for the only path is steep and it must cross a wide river made of our tears