It's Not Greek



Alphas tend to compensate when Betas dominate Gammas and Deltas.

Betas tend to fear Alphas and oppress Gammas and Deltas

Gammas tend to be averse to everyone except Gammas

Deltas tend to engage as though everyone is a Delta


The Black Chair Protocol

     The Midterm Election is over, we have had a heavy frost,  the RoseHouse Christmas Lights are up, and  I am settling into a new winter-season lifestyle.  Minimal hygiene, housekeeping, and provisioning withstanding, my days are mostly about a computer, a monitor, and the presumed reality it displays.  It is my emerging eighth decade sense that the phenomena manifest outside my door are only nominally more real than "Fortnite".  As such, my enthusiasm to play "First Life" has subsided. I do however continue to be curious about why there is such human interest in both "First Life" (phenomanal world) and the diversionary art worlds that it spawns. 

     Most days, I watch, listen,  and read  the musing of those who think about  these philosophical questions.  I feel fortunate that I have such remarkable access to this stream of human thought and I am always fascination that there exists consciousness that has the capacity to explore consciousness. 

PS: My, at present, best guess is that brains make minds, there is no freewill, and individual consciousness is a network node on an evolutionary feedback loop...... I will keep searching from my much worn black recliner.


OMG, not Globalism

     Brazil's new president wants to do away with environmental laws to increase the countries wealth.  Screw the Amazon and the obvious planetary implications.  It is "Singles Day" in China, their equivalent to the US "Black Friday", and  Alibaba, just this one company, this morning, set a new online sales record, selling $1Billion in 86 seconds. I have flowers blooming in my yard on 11/11/18.  Trump is selling kill-tech to the Saudis to neutralize children in Yemen, and CNN is playing "rocks vs. RPG's" at the Rio Grand...... and on, and on, and on. 

     Trump, either needs to exterminate every human that does not watch Fox & Friends, or he needs to rethink this "nationalism" illusion.  It's hard to see anything ahead, other than

                                                            "Globalism or Gone"


Brad Bradshaw, MD.JD.MDZ

     Missouri voters who smoke weed should not vote this November.  Unprecedented advertising campaigns for three different initiatives regarding cannabis have caused, even the most sober, to be totally confused.  For those "high" or those who want to get "high", it is probably too steep a hill to climb.  Amendment 2, Amendment 3 or Proposition C, let's see, shall I go with 3 yes's, three no's or a blend.  My sober take is that either "Yes for 2" or "Yes for Prop C", make most sense, or at least follow the choices of earlier adopting States.

     Probably not "Amendment 3" unless you want the weasely Joplin Lawyer/Doctor, to win. Yes, the nausiating one whose TV Ads recruiting car wreck victims from a Hospital OR, run 24/7.  He is underwriting a "fake election" lottery for his own account. ......but if your just really into Brad and would like for Brad to be the Missouri Drug Czar (MDZ), controlling the future of Health Care in Missouri, along with mega millions of tax dollars, well then..... just check the Amendment 3 Box.

     OMG, if, for some unimaginable reason, a prospective Missouri voter were to read Amendment 3, they will never again be surprised when a rich, narcissistic ego maniacal ass-hole uses some of his dubiously gotten wealth to play  "dupe the electorate deplorables".  If he loses, no big deal, but if he wins, he wins the "power to tax" and an "existential high" the likes of which, the rest of us will but dream.

            Long live "Democracy".... at least as long as we don't educate the young! 


Alec Baldwin morphing to Trump

     Why just impersonate POTUS when you can cultivate "next in line" status.  Yes, Baldwin just punched a guy on 10th Ave, he did not shoot him.....but he did get arrested.  As our Pres would say, "I like a guy who punches a guy in the face:. It would have gotten more press had it been 5th Ave., but the message is clear,  Alec does the spontaneous violence shit that 37% of America likes.  With 2+ years of SNL practice and a few more "out of control" encounters, Alec should be ready to step in as "despot in waiting".  Never mind his policy inclinations.  The base is down for recognizable faces with extreme counter-culture proclivities.  As for Baldwin, he no doubt will do anything for fame.  He pretty much already has. #AlecBaldwin