"Alternate Facts"

In a fully disclosed "speculative mode", it appears to me that Trump sent Spizer out to arbitarily declare that the Inagural Crowds were the largest ever.  This conclusion, regardless of the presumed context, was taken by the press to have been a "statement of non-fact" contradicted by indisputable data.  The press went wild at the presumed violation of their most sacred compass "credibility".  So, it would seem, Trump then sent out congenial, but tough as nails Kelly-Ann, to help "get past it".   For even Kelly-Ann this was damn near a ' Kobayashi Maru' task and under stress she retreated into an explanation that Spizer was using "ALTERNATE FACTS".

     This lintent to claim equal standing for a perception that violates sensory data has some pretty significant implications. The frightening imagery of a world conditioned to such "full monte" relativism, worries me a lot.  How will I know for certain that New England won the Superbowl!  


Ozark Translate....."OMG, I've got the TNF"

 Here in "Baldknobber Land" we may not know much about Humira or Enberel or a dozen other "TNF Inhibitors", but we sure as hell know a lot about "inflamation".  Juist spending a few minutes watching the Walmart or McDonald parking lots will make it painfully clear that swollen joints, constricted mobility, stiff backs, aching knees, Irritable Bowel Syndrom, Asthma, and Arthritis, all flourish in our sore neck of the woods.   We do Ben Gay, Ibuprofin, TENS Gadgets, Hot Tubs, and Magnetic Bracelets.  What is causing all of this suffering?  Broadly speaking, we have no idea; we just accept that it's a part of life. Yes, you could ask your NP (we rarely see DR's accept for Cancer/Structural/Surgery causes), but she will most likely offer only some outdated antedotal nonsense and offer you a script for an expensive "new wonder drug" that she has no idea about t's path of action.
     So  who among us knows why so many of us feel like shit?   Probably no one with certainty, but the smart science kids working for Big Drug Companies believe they do.  They have found some pretty good evidence that a major cause is TNF. They are now getting rich because of this discovery. If your interested in the particulars.......... a simplified summary is that:
       Our bodies come equiped with "immune systems" that protect us from lots of things that can hurt us.  Our sub-conscious brain (operating system) detects when we are being attacked and send out various chemicals (medic-proteins) to neutralize the attackers.  One of the chemicals specializes in neutralizing Tumor Cells.  You see, our body is always making new cells and occasionally the copying process gets screwed up and a bad cell comes to be.  Our immune system detects this error and sends a protein to kill it before it harms the body.  Science guys have named this particular protein TNF, which stands for Tumor Necrosis Factor or Tumor Death Factor.  So far, so good, but as it turns out, this TNF chemical has a tough side effect; it causes inflamation.  This inflamation leads to all of the "we be sore and stiff"  symptoms refered to above.  Well you can probably guess what follows.  Yes, the smart science kids found, or made, another chemical that will neutralize the TNF.  They named this TNF Inhibitor, and of course it too has some ominous side-effects like increasing the chances of getting Cancer, and reducing the strength of your immune system, causing heart attacks, and on and on.
    So, do  you want to experiment with one of these synthetic protein cocktail like Humira or Enberal.   I guess, if your hurting badly enough, the answer is yes.  Americans, to the tune of $5 Billion a year, are saying yes.   However, if you do say yes,  please, don't be calling your Malpractice Lawyer when the class-action lawsuit ads starts showing up on cable.  Just accept that you understood and embraced the trade-off!


Lord of the Flies 2016

For we who are "70 something" we have been reminded all of our adult life that, without supervision, young men tend to operate in "primitive mode".  How many times has Hollywood remade the 1954 Golding allegorical novel "Lord of the Flies"?   Through the years I have though about the, "British School Boys Stranded on a Remote Island Turning Viscous Plot", without linking this adolescent phenomena to the present-day visible devolution of modern society.

Yes, we  all know that ISIS's maraudering is attractive to some disenfranchised young men everywhere, but generally modern cultures normalizes these occasional defections as rare and isolated cases. We rationalizie that these expressions are either genetically or mystically propagated, neither origin of which represents a clear and present personal threat.  As long as we are not vacationing in Syria, shooting heroin, or playing Russian Roulette on Friday nights, it's "out of sight-out of mind", but

     Widespread "primitive mode" expression in local public space is a different matter, pointing by example to the timely Chicago Teenager Abuse Story.  There are increasingly more  explicit signs that "going viral" is , well....."going viral".  Isn't this what happened on that fictional Lord of the Flies island where the weaker school-boys had no where to hide.  Perhaps a societal response beyond not withholding the  funding for "Planned Parenthood" is in think!

PS:  I have read that some Australian Universities are responding to the widespead instances of "just for fun"pedestrian assults by impromptu, cyber coordinated, Somalian Gangs.  They are offering free Consolment Teddy Bears and "Cry Therapy Counciling" to victims.

                                         Everyone's a Victim - Long Live Inclusivity....BS



Ozark Social Security at "82"


     My guess is that in 1935, when the Social Security Law was enacted, few in Congress thought that in 2015 there would be 7 million 80+ year old retires collecting an average 0f $1295 monthly.  Along with our +65 friends and disability recipients, this year it will cost taxpayers around a $100 Billion a month.  Here in the "low-mojo" Ozarks, we may not be getting our proportionate per capita retirement share..... (cause we ain't killing ourselves trying to make $3000 mortgage payments like the suburbanites) but at least we are in the high percentiles when it comes to disability awards.  Yes, we still farm, a little, and we do sell a lot of pizzas to one another, but our most vibrant industries are auto accidents claiming and disability claiming.  Hell, our TV viewing is underwritten by Aaron, Dr. Brad, Thomas, and the other "strikers".  

     Assessed from a  pragmatic, albeit a morally relatavistic, point of view, it's a damn good thing that we've got this disability industry going for us. Just go to Walmart and look at the population age distribution.  With liberal promoted statins, novel antibiotics and hyperbaric chambers, we are supporting a staggering numbers of the surviving very old. We can't do this without increasing transfer payments.  Only 40% of our people are get paychecks and most of them are making $10 an hour.  It just doesn't add.

     As the Jurassic Park guy said, "Life finds a way".  So, have a "fender bender at the #248/65 interchange and call your lawyer!


So I Don't Have To Do "Real Work"

Reading and refining my understanding as to why 95% of the people dont give a shit about the dynamic forces that define their lives.