Pre-Advent Pessimism

     Life is an infinitely diversifying microbial stream optimized by an inherent constraint protocol.  Humanity is the, at present,  most complex expression of this constraint protocol.  Humans are control intelligence expressing as highly adaptive immune systems.  In our fulness humans have only the future of fulfilling the microbial constraint function. 

     In our past we have a rich and novel pattern of proliferation and evolution.  We compete for reproductive resources.  This competition yields an ongoing succeed/fail spectrum.   We invent contextual attractors in a perpetual struggle to achieve sufficient mass energy to either overcome the"haves" or to suppress the "have-nots".   Illustratively, we invented deities, farming, science, democracy,  communism, libertarianism, etc.; all as constructs to impact this economic spectrum. 

     Perhaps the microbial base, proliferating exponentially, will soon require a more sophisticated constraint protocol, bringing to a close the human support role, and this game inside the game.  When, as, and if, will humans be replaced by constraint agents that evolve through competitive forces?  Or will higher intelligence find a superior evolutionary catalyst.


Cloning Charley

  The Branson Area Council of Churches is "up in arms" this week resulting from the widely publicized, but unconfirmed,  story that a local man has successfully had himself cloned.  Although the man's full name has not been released, stories in the credible Tel Aviv Newspaper Haaretz,  have closely described a well know Ozarks businessman/ minister thought to be Charley Ingram.

     While there has been speculation for years that a highly cloaked Israeli Institute funded by Raelian Interests has been active in Human Cloning Experimentation, no explanation for this extremely improbable "first successful candidate announcement"was offered.

     In recent years advances have been made in "somatic cell nuclear transfer"SCNT technologies by respected Israeli Universities.  This baseline technology, it is thought,  may have been exponentially advanced as a result of the US led refining of gene editing via CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeat).  Indeed, an unnamed NIH source speculated that there have also been rumors that a Taiwan "Deep Space Science" group has created a bio-matter 3-D printer using CRISPR algorithms, thought to enable embryo/adult maturation in less than 22 weeks.  If indeed this futuristic technology know as HID-ER (Human Inflationary Development-Entanglement Regeneration) was successfully implemented......well perhaps there will be two Charley Ingrams bring prosperity and good tidings to our little resort town.  If so, Silver Dollar City will no longer be our major attraction.

    Clark Jans, a local reporter for the Branson Dependent, has been following this story.  She reports that Charley, who is coincidentally the Grand Master of this years Branson Christmas Adoration Parade, said that he knew nothing of these fantasy reports.  When asked if he had supplied "stem cell material" to any labratory source, Charley said "only a sample I recently sent to New Jersey to have my colon checked".  Charley mused that this reminded him of an old "preacher story" his granddad used to tell.

      Reactions from Charley's Business Partners were couched in humor, speculating that now Charley will have needed help in "Making Branson Great Again".  A spokesman for The Rose House, where Charlie volunteers as the Sunday Morning Worship Leader, said that they are hopeful that the story is true, allowing the ALF to perhaps have a full time minister "just like Charley".  However, the spokesman for the BACC was not so optimistic; siting both the eschataological implications as well as the practical issues concerning council voting rights and clone membership litigation.



........and in conclusion:  

Importance  The Third International Consensus Definitions Task Force defined sepsis as “life-threatening organ dysfunction due to a dysregulated host response to infection.” The performance of clinical criteria for this sepsis definition is unknown.


"Faux Democracy".....our best chance!

     A recent Slate editorial (liberal bias) offered the following summation of the US "state-of-the-union":

                  A pendulum is swinging from illiberal democracy to undemocratic

                  liberalism, then back.  And its swings are getting wider and wider.

    There is little space for anyone to mislabel the "illiberal democracy" tendencies of today's angry/ordinary people.  God knows we have seen enough Trump Talks to clarify all possible misunderstandings. However,  "undemocratic liberalism" is a far more complex label.  The "undemocratic" sounds more sinister, and certainly might prove to be so, but at this fork in the road, I choose "undemocratic liberalism" which seems bettter labeled "faux democracy".

     Yes, we all get that there is an "establishment"  and reallize how "they" are sustained by PAC's and Oligarchs.  We realize that a concentration of power is achieved  by diverting key government choices away from the ballot box in favor of private and institutional control. And yes, we recognize that a periodic "hollow election charade" runs some existential risk that the good of the few might prevail over the good of the many......but

     these are difficult times.  The poorly educated  "illiberal right", having been negligently under compensated, have now self-actualized in a "facebook frenzy". You talk about "existential risk"; does anyone think that Newt Gingrich and the Kock Brothers would be able to contain a runaway train named "The Primitive Emotion Express"? 

     In this always near viral information era, at least until the education decline is halted and the functional intelligence gradient is no longer skewed toward "primitive emotion"; it seems wise that the patterns of democracy cultivated in past times be entrusted to the "hopefully elevated consciences" of the few unnamed elites.  A Faux Democracy is better than no civilization at all.   




Ozark's Evangelical Republicans... our "No Win" Lives!

                         Musings from 70 something, having most recently watched too

                                                much '16 Racial Tension Programing

     All of us Ozark "old folk" know how our family used to be Dems because FDR saved them from Depression Starvation, and how Regan came along and helped us to understand that worse than starving was being Nuked.  Ever since we've been pretty much in the pockets of our local elites who we believe are keeping us safe by keeping us in our social/economic place.  We love Jesus on Sunday morning and Wednesday nights and walk a pretty rigid class hierchacy tightrope the remainder of our days.  Most of us Baby Boomers and Pre-Boomers have made this play out pretty well. We haven't starved, been invaded, imprisoned, conscripted, or persecuted for concurrently believing in a God of Love and "No Reprive Social Order".

     Unfortunately, many of us "old folks" ran into an unexpected problem.  Because we grew up on Mom and Dad's Depression Stories and played "Duck & Cover A-Bomb Games, we understandably fell easily into compliance lives.   However,  our children, well,  not so much.  An astounding number of our children, born during and after Vietnam, are in perpetual conflict with the system.  Looking back we "old folks' look like flat-liners compared to our kids and grandkids.  Drugs, divorce, banruptcy, deceipt, dishonesty, gambling, promisculity, child abandonment, hedonistic living, conspicious consumption, education rejection, etc.  And, all across the econonomically challenged Ozarks, guess whose carrying the burdens of this "whose gonna stop me" freedom.  Of course that would be we the "old folks" bound by Jesus's Love and Regan's Family Values.  On odd days of the week we kick them out of our homes for the fourth times and file criminal charges when they steal mom's jewelery .  On even days of the week, we pay for their third rehab stay and co-sign for one more car.  We would be embarassed to go to church except that almost everyone in our Sunday School Class has had similar experiences.

     Yes, we are caught between a "rock and a hard place".  We are forever trying to decide when to love and when to reprove.  If we were Hillary, we would, I guess, borrow some more money from China, to pay for rehab and one more job retraining at the local "rip-off" JUCO.  If we were The Donald, we would fire their $5000 retainer defense lawyer, that we hired, and make but one prison visit a year. 

     Probably though,  we'll just die with one foot still in each philosophy.  Oh well!