A Strange Loop

        Sam Harris `offers a start point for reflecting on being.  My personal best understanding is the tech metaphor likening the "me" to a "smart-phone always recording video and audio" programmed to direct  the device's attention by a memory cache prioritizing and informing pursuant to a very simple program. My meta-program expression reads that "the me/ the device", always expends energy in the direction for which the probability of ego satisfaction is highest.          That's it....well except that my corollary sense is that ego satisfaction is just another way of saying love.  Which brings me to this Christmas Day and the trans-rational attention we save for the sacred.  My best guess is that in earliest human history  ego satisfaction lead directly to significant others whose eventual death would have been confounding.  That the loving other was indeed not gone, but just in another realm, was likely an easy work around for the single minded smart memory cache.  It seems plausible that this loving the unseeable dead evolved into the loving of the realm where the dead must be.... a place called God.  From that leap of creative ego satisfaction the evolving of the Trinity, or it's parallels, at least to me, seems fairly straight forward.  They were refinements in the learning memory cache's instruction as to what a consciousness should pay attention. Today, we are paying attention to that realm from which love flows, perfected over evolving consciousness time to be that perfect significant other bringing comfort to our grieving souls...or at least to our smart memory caches containing the latest emotional memory chip that this Darwinian Universe  currently supports.



Danger Will Robinson

     Morning after morming Internet News announces the latest threats from all of the polarized  leaders/celebrities.

          Trump warns North Korea: US    military 'locked and loaded'

President Trump Received DirectWarning   From Obama’s Attorney General

 All of this "little boy crying wolf" BS is just about gaming we the droids



Saint Si-Icando

                    A Christmas Dream

Twas the night before Christmas, in year one of our lord
The staff were all insulant and thoughtless and bored

The dishes and the trash and the laundry were undone with nary a care
Trusting that on this night before Christmas , Sara would not be there

The residents were somewhere self managing, as they usually did
Wondering again tonight were the staff was hid

Well now Sara and her cats had just settled down for a long winters nap
Hoping for a night with little or no Rose House crap

When from down under her couch she heard such a clatter
She knew it was Siri and mumbled something like what the f...' is now the  matter

So to her old Honda she hobbled, mustering contempt as she flew
Was it Shirley, or Rolly or more likely just Lou

The moon on the breast of the new fallen snow
Gave a luster of hell the faster the old Honda did go

When just past Dixie Stampede what to her wonder, honest to God, did appear
But an engineless pickup being  pulled by eight tiny reindeer

The driver was an old hispanic, dressed all in pastel blue
Sara knew in a moment it was St. Si-Icando

Dressed all in orange, his muchachoes waved from the bed of the truck
"Hey lady, where you go, you be have bad luck".

Yes, she said, as she beckoned and called them by name
Pedro, Miguel, Pancho, and again Pancho, they all looked the same

Up the hill, to the bottom of Green Mountain, follow me, she did call
Now dash away dash away dash away, you all.

And then in a twinkle they unload every supply that an ALF could need
There were tamales and disinfectant and depends for those who peed.

Sara turned her head to see that St SiIcando was the first through the door
In an accent so merry, he started to laugh, and then he broke into a roar

"Who is running this place" he snickered with a knowing wink
There is dust on the sills, and trash in the halls, and dishes in the sink

His droll  little mouth drew up like a cherry while his vap held fast in his teeth
while non-smoke encircled his head like a wreath.

He had a broad face and a sizable belly
That shook when he walked like a $10 jelly

Well he spoke not a word, issuing pink slips to the staff, each and all
Then forthwith delivered evening meds to residents in each hall

Soon  St SiIicando and the Muchachoes had put the ALF back in order
And then, in Spanish, he said something about an issue at the border.

The muchachoes grabbed their gear and perhaps an extra tool or two
And out the door and into the pickup they flew

Sara heard them exclaim as they turned left onto Spring Creek
Have a Merry Christmas, Senora Sara... we see you next week.

The Expertise Spectrum

     Empathy driven liberals are obsessed with the widening wealth spectrum.  Unrelentingly "the peacock people" point to the historically grave social consequences that resulted from periods of extreme disparate income. They remind us nightly that the few cannot prosper when the many do not. This is all well and good and very likely true, but these same personally wealthy pundits focus almost exclusively on the remedy....rarely the fundamental causes.

     Without dragging out The Bell Curve or delving into CRISPR forecassts, suffice it to say that a "distribution of  general expertise graph" would look much like the "wealth distribution graph". Yes, I recognize that neurologists and backhoe operators each have their respective claimed expertise, but there is little doubt that, in most all "degree of difficulty comparisons", the equalization outcomes strongly favors the person whose claimed skill set required the more robust mental engagement.

     FYI, I offer up that we all know that the "Environmental Control Potential" of a smart-phone and a cache of installed apps is mind-blowing.  My guess is that a survey of zip codes having disparate property values would show smart-phone "non-entertainment app" usage closely correlated to the  residence property value distribution.  

     You may agree or disagree with this speculation, but in some similar comparative context you have most likely thought about this "expertise spectrum" example.       


John Henry vs The Network....A Net Neutrality Story

Poor John Henry.  Down through the Ages he keeps dying with a shovel, a hammer a rivet gun, etc., in his hand.  His cyber world counterpart is now dying with "excess inventory on hand".  About a week ago I ordered Christmas Presents online.  Mostly from Amazon, although I did order a Perfume from a no-name perfume specialty who showed $10 cheaper on Google.  After 5 days and no perfume, I checked email to find a "delivery issue alert".  I cancelled and reordered on Amazon at 10 am the day before yesterday, specifying free 2 day delivery.  The box was on the porch 30 hours later.

     Startups and those with low expertise dpn't stand a chance in this emerged economy, and compounding, with net neutrality nixed, it will be "John Henry Time" for all except the well positioned elite .  A clip from a comment on a recent cultural blog says it raw and offers a perspective about the obvious consequences and options. 

Too many analysts get sucked into the neoliberal b.s. economy of moral virtue. Nobody makes money with earnest efforts to invent a better mousetrap. They make money from securing the legal rights to a gateway in our now thoroughly networked economy. You can adopt the politics of inevitable surrender to the plutocracy, the fantasy politics of irrelevance (russiagate or Trump’s impeachment being prime examples), or you can get down to re-inventing the left politics of eat the rich. If the rich are not already eating you, they are munching someone else just down the street from you.

      I generally agree.  This does pose an ontological problem.  Moral fulfillment is gonna get hard to come by in this hyper networked non-neutral cyberscape...but so long as THEY need us to consume 24/7.... and we, the masses, are so good at consuming....well, there is no need to "John Henry Out" trying to "eat the rich".  We will just sit out by the pool and wait for an Amazon Drone to deliver another round of Margaritas.

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