The other "ocracies" are Back!

     I suspect that after eons of time during which "the powerful few" held power over the many, proposals for a "democratic social structure" sounded, to the many, too good to be true.  They were right!  Perhaps when communicating was a weeks-thing and not a cyber-second thing the idea of authentic faction representation seemed plausible.  My guess is that the "powerful few" never really embrassed the core "power to the people" foundation concept.  More likely it was just the then latest strategy to achieve stability among the governed.  Perhaps the Founding Fathers with their aristocratic, plutocratic, gerontocratic, stratocratic,, theocratic, and autocratic world views merely reasoned that while the men on main street were convicted that they were in power, with the vote privilege to dismiss their representative, the "powerful few" could live forward with less fear of rebellion.  Squeezing a few Pauls, Schiffs, Nunezes, and McCaskills is a helleva lot easier than hand to hand combat with Genghis Kahn.

     Well, for a couple of hundred years, it seemed to work fairly well. The "powerful few" advanced civilization toward higher complexity in a more stable and fufilling  moral landscape.......but just a few years of mass access to the WWW and the strategy fell apart.  There is no keeping the peace in today's "fully disclosed" society.  The "Occupy Wall Street" and the "Tea Party"  and the "Black Lives Matter" may not be lethal but they are distracting and polarizing.  In every way, except the plain truth, the "powerful few" have advised the masses that, to quote Star Trek's Scotty, "We can't hold it together much longer, it's going to blow" 

     Finally though, we are acquiescing to the wisdom of the groups around the world commons who never fully adopted the "people in power" strategy. America is reverting back to the baseline societal structure.  It is messy and unfair but necessary..... before the primitive Alt-Rights and the Delusional, empathy plagued, Left grind us all into dust.  My parting thought on the situation....did this "rollback" have to be championed by such an ASSHOLE!


Roy Moore and the Alabama Partisans

     Other than the "racial divide" and to a lesser degree the "urban/rural" separation, even in Alabama, correlating human profiles with choice patterns is, well, complicated.  Pundits, in national elections, get some play from the "evangelical/other identifier, but not so in the heart of red..where they're all evangelical.  Nothing pointed with more certainty as to how complicated is "WHY" than the vote split by education level.      

     My take is that we all want just as much freedom as we can get and make all of our choices directed accordingly   The blacks are always pretty sure that, within their home turf,  their freedom will always be constrained by whites were it not for the protections imposed by what they hope is a more accommodating republic.  (We will all seek protection from a little known crowd when we are certain about the malevolent intent of the guy with his hands around our throat.) The blue collar whites don't actually choose for anything.  They simply choose to oppose the black choice, having simplistic ally made fundamental that their freedom is, and will always be, constrained by black encroachment.  White collar whites come in two flavors, the vested and the aspirants.  Vested white collar whites always choose to hold and expand their freedom by opposing all possible constrains of their power from anywhere above them in the hierarchy that might have the potential to reduce their acquired entitlement to constrain the freedom of their neighbors.  Non vested white collar whites, the aspirants to white power, choose causes and group identities that enhance their near term personal power and therefore increased freedom opportunities regardless of how their choices align with race or position in the power hierarchy. 

     So therefore the question is....... who were all of those college educated voters who voted for Moore?  It is hard to believe that college educated white collar aspirants thought that there personal freedom potential pointed to Moore.  It is also hard to believe that a very high percentage of blue collar whites just happen to be college graduates.  Maybe the explanation is that the data used was Facebook Profiles where everyone "graduated from ...."  FAKE NEWS



I Believe.....

     that in our modern liberated society it is common for individuals to give up their life toiling to fulfill the instinct driven expressions of their pet animals.


Understanding the Trump Voter

     Many of us who identify with the various "liberal tags", democrat, progressive, globalist, alt-lefrtist, etc. still have not quit shaking our heads at the, what we though unimaginable, fact that Trump is President.  There is damn little that can now be done about it, and as such, we pass this political alienation searching for a decent answer as to WHY & HOW.. 

     A West-Texas friend, like so many Conservative Fence-Walkers who seek to separate the GOP from TRUMP, offered an American Scholar Lead Article purporting to explain, Phi Beta Kappa style.  It did deliver a perspective, namely the single minded insight of a near 90 year old liberal Jewish academic speaking from his pulpit as the "champion of communalism".  Etzioni offered that "sociologists have pointed out that modernity has threatened the communal bonds that are essential for a person's sense of identity, emotional stability, and moral codes." As such, he explains that the really discerning progressives like Jonathan Haight have recognized that, while a more rapid expansion of personal freedom is certainly desirable, it is dangerous to advocate any new  moral paradigm, no matter how enlightened.  His core insight is that disrespecing the communal underpinning of local tribes, i.e., "basket of deplorables", always brings forth retribution....  our retribution be named Donald J.   

     No, Etzitoni does not end on the despair of "dont tread on me".  He offers the salvation of democratic communalism, an idealized democratic state in which local diversified tribes nestle satisfied and appreciated within a national unity context embrasing the really big concerns like, nuclear war and global warming.  Sounds good to me, except that his speculation as to how this post-dialectic society might come to past, is no more than a plea for the liberals to be more patient and the traditionals to evolve more quickly.  If you read Etzioni's story, it is encouraging that he is, at 90,  still hopeful.  At a decade less, I am not so much, but alas, I live in "deplorable mecca".



Monopoly Capitalism...a funny thing happened once we got to Walmart

     At least for the most recent few thousand years, humans have always organized according to the "many followers/few leaders" principle. Here we are, so I guess it works.  For a long time it seemed a though a corollary aspect of this principle was that the respective groups periodically reversed roles, i.e. the French Revolution.  As the rate of change has accelerated over time, many have speculated as to whether this group reversal/instability will continue or whether we will reach some optimized pattern/form.  This presumed form is, of course, the planatary adoption of global capitalism expressed in it's present monopoly configuration.

     Perhaps it will prove true that, classical distributed capitalism, energized by the extraordinary benefits of modern technology, will morph into John Galt's perpetual motion machine.  Well, at least it kinda looks that way, when generation after generation  the "rich and famous leaders" and the "main-street followers" continue to enthusiastically play their respective roles.  The monopolizing leaders authoritatively manage the followers appetite for goods and services, offer a living wage to the followers to produce the goods and services, and then reap the margin benefits of the followers purchasing the produced goods and services at monopoly enabled prices.  The derived margins produce low risk profits for the leader class who carefully constrain reinvestment options to protect against any erosion of their monopoly status. 

     True, historical capitalism sans cyber, the wonder of Western Civilization did pull humanity out of the mass deprevation and oppression of antiquity.  Now, however, in todays technology enabled consumer driven world, we, the freed, have constructed an economic prison from which we may never escape.  Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, if off to Walmart we go! 

     Of course that is the bad news, at least ontologically speaking.  In fairness, the good news is that, although we are doomed,, at least now we all have a 4K-TV........ and we have fulfilled the prophecy that "the poor will be with us always"..