Zeno's "Constitutional Crisis"

     According to the enlightened "alfa-humans" nightly contextualizing @MSNBC, we are weekly, and even sometimes daily, getting ever closer to the fear-gripping world crisis that Trump is inevitable going to deliver.  Closer, and closer, but never quite there, it is obvious that we will have only gotten "THERE", when they report that we are "THERE".  Likely, this day will not come.  Half of the population is A-Political, which in today's "on the brink culture" means A-Conscious", and the remaining half are divided at the deepest epistemological level about meaning and values.... but, as it turns out, "everyone" just dearly loves their present lifestyle.  No boat rockers on board.  The A-Conscious people have no idea that they are on a boat, the Trumpers have rationalized that this boat offers the ride of their lives, and the liberals are so timid that they are only able to mildly scare themselves by obsessing about the boat's durability.

     There is of course some chance that Rachel is Right and that the "Great Crisis" will come to past.  A few of the more daring liberal pundits, David Frum, Paul Krugman, etc., seem convinced that "the sooner the better" is better, and are openly fanning the crisis fire.  Most, however, are content to await their next Salvation Event. Currently they are really hoping for the Special Council to deliver a late inning home run.  If they don't get it, well,  they will tearfully shift their hopes to the mid-term elections.  If that fails or it proves hollow, as almost surely it will,  (Trump + DOJ trumps Congress) then they will find some new Lancelot...maybe they will make Michael Avenatti the President in Exile.

     Regardless, no one is going to the mat over bribery, extortion, treason, gun control, racism, misogynic ism, torture, or any other moral aberration.  Nuclear Winter, Weaponized Ebola, Extreme Ecology...those are another matter. #MSNBC







Widespread "rumpelstiltskin syndrome"

     If there was available from Amazon a kit from which a purchaser could assemble a machine that would turn McDonald French Fries into genuine "gold bars"..... but on the box was printed a warning that the assembly time was approximately 14 hours and that further, upon successful assembly, the average practice time to reach standard performance was an additional 16 hours..........then, almost everyone I know would toss the unopened box into their car trunk and forget about the episode before they reached the next drive-thru window.


A "String" is a Physical Phenomena...

     Or so claim the String Theory dudes. To me, a very casual inquisitor, it look like next level reductionism, in that Strings, vibrating at varing frequencies appear as the elementary particles that we love because they are smaller than quarks, which we love because they are smaller than protons, which we love because they are smaller than atoms, which we love because they are smaller than us.  Interestingly, as I get it, the Strings have two reality as either lines or circles, but manifest as non-phenomena one-dimensional elementary particles which aggregate to make, well.... eventually us. 

     So here is my query.  If we, queer collections of String made things that we are, have imagined these physical entities capable of manifesting as various non-entity points through a spectrum of frequency vibrations......well maybe at some vibrational state a particular kind of String  reads, aggregates, stores, codes, and integrates vibrations from all of the complex phenomena manifest in the String-Universe, including us!

     If this were so, then these Strings would assuredly be dubbed the "God-Strings".  No doubt, then some dude would speculate that these God-Strings were not only receiving information , but in real time resonating derivitive algorithmically processed integrated information accessible at belief/will. 

     OMG....this would be an Optimal Meaning Generator.  It would explain why Sam Harris, et.al., are so  meditation driven, and further, it would give Ezra Klein a prayer target for which he would have genuine pride. 


Kierkegaard's Alternate Reality

     I like Kierkegaard. His "trapped in the infinite/finite" is a life-coach "top shelf" along with the other K's (Krishnamurti) clarifications regarding "expectation/fear loop".  Recently, I read a modern essay by a British aethiest philosopher who, surprisingly is a Kierkegaard scholar.  His Kierkegaard insight was that:

     K suggests a spectrum of evolving consciousness moving from animal self-centeredness to what he described as the Jewish "like for like", as in "an eye for an eye"; evolving further to what K called the "external Christian like for like", as in "do unto others as you would have them do unto you".  According to Critchley, the essayist, K didn't find enough meaning in the Christian "like for like", and wanted to push for a further evolved consciousness. 

    My takeaway was that K was shooting for an ego constrained state of mind.  He offered up "moment to moment faith" to escape the external world in favor of a believer permanently internalizing his/her awareness seeking to apprehend a real time revelation from God setting out the optimal engagement in the phenomenal world.  God in the Middle"...."Be it done for you as you believed"..Mathew 8.

     No doubt we all would showcase a better lifescape with OMG (Oh, My God****Optimal Meaning Generator) being hard wired in our brain.  Here's hoping the downloads would be Siri swift, but not Google embellished. 



“If You Don’t Work You Don’t Eat”

     A "culture blogger" in a recent post observed that.... through paid wages in a market economy our culture allocates the distribution of resources to its population. The follow up opinion was that this system is much dated and flagrantly wasteful, in that many jobs are of nominal value to the society and some are actually counter-productive.  The view meandered toward UBI (universal basic income) as an alternative to the impoverished existence of a "job-holder", but knowing the strong arguments against, concluded that the "jobs/UBI debate" was simply too close to call and too risky to try.

     A blog reader's comment certainly set the tone for the "tough-love/conservative narrative" feedback.  He wrote: .......in the case of the present subject of voluntary work, expending precious energy mentoring low lifes in how to imagine and do rather them letting them go unattended to walk the streets with pants down and face in cell phone to make it through the day.  The blog piece feedback spinning the "enlightened/liberal narrative"  was convinced that insurancing the " no work/no eat" existential dread would soon ignite inspired productivity and usher in the Age of Aquarius.  

    My personal take is that I would like to "go with Rousseau" and take a shot at moving to a higher human expression, but.......since I can think and I have looked at the psychometrics, I vote "Hobbs for Jobs". I just don't think that Thomas Jefferson would, next week after a couple of hours with Murray, Haier, etc.,  not want to update his broad foundational claim...not as the claim relates to individual worth, but as it relates to societal groups and macro-economic policies. I just don't think enabling work free living will, well.....work!   




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