A Simplistic Idea

A recent typical Twitter offering, most likely shared by about half of the readers....."Social justice is enforced redistribution, nothing less."


"I just don't know how to consider a new idea."

     The few persons with whom I talk, all know that I often refer to what I call the "14th year shut-down".  Not literally, but in a pointing way, my sense is that most people seem to have taken up their historic, current, and likely forever, philosophic standpoint somewhere around their fourteenth year.   Why.... perhaps no Darwinian pressure, perhaps it's a gene thing, perhaps Facebook Evil Art...who knows.

  •       The value of philosophy is that it typically poses a challenge to conventional and socially powerful ideas. At its best, it tries to replace them with more difficult, less palatable, but better ideas

     More often than not my encounters with "14 forever" do not carry undertones of disagreement, nor halting perplexity, but simply casual expressions of disinterest. The signal appears not aligned with any perennial virtue, neither "justice" nor "mercy".  My summary take is that these increasingly prevalent "juvenile ego-selves" most often never ripens into any virtue at all.


                                                   Do we need a forest-fire?


Ego...gross & subtle

"I am me , and you are not."  My reflective sense is that my days are more or less satisfying depending on the mix of "egos" I encounter during my wake time.  


"Rule 13"....Jordan Peterson

Most "hustles" have short half-lives, and need periodic phase-change reformatting, so don't get depressed when your "IDW fav" puts on his "hypocrite hat"....just "feel the oneness" and be thankful that there are plenty of "far-left" rehab facilities to help you script your "NEW IMPROVED GROOVE"


I Hope Sam Harris is Wrong

     Like many who are "woke" enough to seek out todays intellectual bit dialogue, I listen to Sam Harris.  He is, I find, a critcal thinker and an extremely skilled communicator.  He is an outspoken Trump critic and an alarmist about Muslim Jihad.  He is a self-described liberal, yet overtly crtical of today's "far-left".  I share his passion to muster every possible resources to defeat Trump in 2020.  

     Harris' ongoing contribution to the hopeful Trump defeat is to, by reasoned arguments, illuminate both the misguided Trump policies and the cultural debasement related to humanities mimetic reaction to Trump's  egomanical personality traits.  Recently, however, Harris has shifted his emphasis to address what he thinks is a critical error in the public political focus, given his "Defeat Trump" prime directive.  Harris believes that the current media obsession with all things race will result in Trump's certain re-election.