Monopoly Capitalism...a funny thing happened once we got to Walmart

     At least for the most recent few thousand years, humans have always organized according to the "many followers/few leaders" principle. Here we are, so I guess it works.  For a long time it seemed a though a corollary aspect of this principle was that the respective groups periodically reversed roles, i.e. the French Revolution.  As the rate of change has accelerated over time, many have speculated as to whether this group reversal/instability will continue or whether we will reach some optimized pattern/form.  This presumed form is, of course, the planatary adoption of global capitalism expressed in it's present monopoly configuration.

     Perhaps it will prove true that, classical distributed capitalism, energized by the extraordinary benefits of modern technology, will morph into John Galt's perpetual motion machine.  Well, at least it kinda looks that way, when generation after generation  the "rich and famous leaders" and the "main-street followers" continue to enthusiastically play their respective roles.  The monopolizing leaders authoritatively manage the followers appetite for goods and services, offer a living wage to the followers to produce the goods and services, and then reap the margin benefits of the followers purchasing the produced goods and services at monopoly enabled prices.  The derived margins produce low risk profits for the leader class who carefully constrain reinvestment options to protect against any erosion of their monopoly status. 

     True, historical capitalism sans cyber, the wonder of Western Civilization did pull humanity out of the mass deprevation and oppression of antiquity.  Now, however, in todays technology enabled consumer driven world, we, the freed, have constructed an economic prison from which we may never escape.  Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, if off to Walmart we go! 

     Of course that is the bad news, at least ontologically speaking.  In fairness, the good news is that, although we are doomed,, at least now we all have a 4K-TV........ and we have fulfilled the prophecy that "the poor will be with us always"..


Take the Blue Pill....

     Living here in Trump Nation, we are presently being admonished to think about our “moral profile” hundreds of times a day.  From the Bleeding-Left to the Alt-Right, every preacher, pundit, prosecutor, professor, and promoter is selling his/her own brand of “commodified virtue”.  Yes, it may be semi-science true that we, the audience, are assigned our "DNA Moral Marker”, at the Conception Lottery, but.....
     No problem, our culture has varigated the Universal Golden Rule Morality to resonate with as many as a dozen distinct identity groups.  For we post-moderns it doesn’t matter whether we are exploring the nuances of Charlottesville, Global Warming or Apple Pie, we can be damn sure that there will be legions of polarized devotees pleading their divergent truth, all claiming the high moral ground.  
     When I  think about it, it is extremely complicated, such that I quickly realize that it’s best not to think about it.  Probably it’s best to just be a "believer" and auto-subscribe to the folly of whichever identity priest pushed our button back about our 14th year.....not!


I BELIEVE.......

.........that in the eighth or ninth inning of life, most people stop misrepresenting facts and feelings.  Only the irrationally arrogant few continue to be controlled by ego expectations as they avoid befriending their impending expiration.  My personal experience has been that this “no future" consciousness yields remarkably happy “todays”.


"CHANGE IS GONNA COME".......sometime!

     During this season of wall to wall talk about the political state of affairs, conversations often turns to musings  about when "change is gonna come". My sense is that , most likely, damn slow.  I have never seen statistics as to how many of the vast number of the employees of Fortune 500 Companies know the name of their CEO, much less have actually met them. This hyper-hierachlical pattern is equally visible in The Church, The State, The Philonthropic Community, and indeed in every purposful organizational assemblage.  Why?  Because it always yields the greatest increase in human control over the material world, which of course includes we humans. Slaves needed masters, peasants needed lords, workers needed bosses, and vice versa. This self limiting and self correcting dance of the "haves and have-nots" has brought forth civilization.  but.... a strange thing has recently happened during humanities  journey to the stars. 

     Without further expounding, I am just going to offer this illustrative rhetorical question.  If 90% of all  14th Century peasants lived within 10 minutes of a Walmart and had an "auto-posting debit cards available pursuant to a Guaranteed Personal Income Law"....would there have been a French Revolution?  Folks, it's gonna be a long time before Main Street evolves beyond  our present day "managed addiction" to X-Boxes, the NFL, SSRI's,  Puppy Dogs, and on and on! 


CNN...."Commodify Nature Nightly"

     Who among us will question CNN's claiming the Irma "high moral ground" by parading cute little reporters through "low lying ground" in hurricane winds and storm surges.  Dutifully CNN declared the storm locations wind speeds (25mph to 45 mph prevailing for Irma) while a flashing banner pulsed a color coded velocity meter showing the maximum wind gusts and water surge levels statistically related to the Assigned  Storm Catagory. CNN no doubt frightened into action  some impaired Floridians that otherwise might have stayed home at their peril.  However, the cost of this "motivational reporting"" was that thousands needlessly fled Orlando and little old ladies in Gainesville slept upstairs, fearful of drowning when the 130 mph wind would bring the 12 foot surge to their toen hundred of miles from the coast.

     Yes, CNN produced for us a wildly successful "town cryer initiative , and oh, by the way, their audience size ratings went through the roof. (Excuse the inappropriate metaphore)  Scare a 100 million, save a few disenfranchized, sell some product, turn a, my, the beauty of liberal capitalism!