A Great Orange Whale

     A Herman Melville Moby Dick utterance warned: "If hereafter any high cultured, poetical nation, shall lure back to their birthright, the merry May-day gods of old; and livingly enthrone them again in their egotistical sky; on the now unhaunted hill; then be sure, exalted to Jove's high seat, the great Sperm Whale shall lord it." 

     OMG, I think a modest substituting of "Orange for Sperm" renders this prophecy near come true. Clearly Nietzsche's "God is Dead" pronouncement some years later either didn't gain traction or experienced a major blow-back. We are, at moment, awash in the "May-day" gods of old", at least from St. Augustine to Orange County, and indeed guess who is "lording" this resurrected self-deceiving life.  Yes, it is The Orange Whale, Donald T, the Lord of you and me.  For his faithful, well I guess they have acquired a heightened sense of entitlement while awaiting their promised eternal life.  For those opposed, it has brought what David Foster Wallace called a "stomach-level sadness".  I guess that if Jesus doesn't return pretty soon, we're gonna descend into a final nihilism so deep that the Infinite Wars will consume us all.


Upside-Down Information Age... or Not!






         The Truth is an elusive treasure!



                             Spring has sprung, and Trump's temp has ris,

                                         I wonder where the missles is?

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April 12, 2018

Our government is indeed deranged, but the beauty of democracy is that a people get the government they so richly deserve. Too bad the rest of the world also has to suffer.

It’s not my Government and it’s certainly not a Democracy and there’s certainly NOTHING Democratic about it despite the Jingoistic Rhetoric to the contrary.

Those who voted, OWN IT, and yes, that includes those who voted for Clinton because we’d be in the same predicament if she was The Sadist In Chief. If everyone stayed home last election in PROTEST, it would have sent a message to the rest of The World that the American Government was Rogue & Illegitimate. Now those who voted must take their Patriotic Poison.

                                    HOPEFULLY NOT A "LAST SUPPER" TOAST



Can You Guess Governor Greitens' Party Affiliation!

     I live in Missouri.  Our Governor has been indicted for various sexual abuse crimes.  The State Legislature, preceeding the trial, completed a lengthy investigation and published a long report with lots of horrific detail offered by the Governor's alleged victim.  The Governor acknowledges most of the allegations, but denies the most deviant, psychologically unbalanced, accusations described by the alleged victim.  The Governor asserted that the undeniable extra-marital relationship was a personal mistake, for which he was sorry, but that his "acknowledgment with apology" should be adequate to absolve his misdeed without jeapordizing his Governorship. 

     The point, I think most important, is not whether the allegations are overstated, or not, nor whether the Governor should or should not resign, but.....that given the publicity, the undisputed facts, plus the sociopathical nature of the alleged actions.... wouldn't most responsible leaders, just resign, FOR THE GOOD OF THE STATE. Obviously for some, the Governor included, the answer would be no. 

     PS:  What possible could be in the mind of such a "me-before-they" individual. We may never  know, but I suspect everyone of us would guess that such a person would identify red!


Why is this Amazing?

     A snippit from a paper in some Astronomy Journal that happened to get picked up in the "real people" news     

              Extreme magnification of an individual star at redshift 1.5 by a galaxy-cluster lens

Galaxy-cluster gravitational lenses can magnify background galaxies by a total factor of up to ~50. Here we report an image of an individual star at redshift z = 1.49 (dubbed MACS J1149 Lensed Star 1) magnified by more than ×2,000. A separate image, detected briefly 0.26″ from Lensed Star 1, is probably a counterimage of the first star demagnified for multiple years by an object of ≳3 solar masses in the cluster. For reasonable assumptions about the lensing system, microlensing fluctuations in the stars’ light curves can yield evidence about the mass function of intracluster stars and compact objects, including binary fractions and specific stellar evolution and supernova models. Dark-matter subhaloes or massive compact objects may help to account for the two images’ long-term brightness ratio.

     My sense is that it is amazing, either because it is an extreme example of the reach of the human mind....or... it is an example of how "institutionalized geek psycho-coherence" has produced a game with rules jargon and prizes that has absolutely no grounding in any reality except their tribe created and evolving simulation.