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The other "ocracies" are Back!

     I suspect that after eons of time during which "the powerful few" held power over the many, proposals for a "democratic social structure" sounded, to the many, too good to be true.  They were right!  Perhaps when communicating was a weeks-thing and not a cyber-second thing the idea of authentic faction representation seemed plausible.  My guess is that the "powerful few" never really embrassed the core "power to the people" foundation concept.  More likely it was just the then latest strategy to achieve stability among the governed.  Perhaps the Founding Fathers with their aristocratic, plutocratic, gerontocratic, stratocratic,, theocratic, and autocratic world views merely reasoned that while the men on main street were convicted that they were in power, with the vote privilege to dismiss their representative, the "powerful few" could live forward with less fear of rebellion.  Squeezing a few Pauls, Schiffs, Nunezes, and McCaskills is a helleva lot easier than hand to hand combat with Genghis Kahn.

     Well, for a couple of hundred years, it seemed to work fairly well. The "powerful few" advanced civilization toward higher complexity in a more stable and fufilling  moral landscape.......but just a few years of mass access to the WWW and the strategy fell apart.  There is no keeping the peace in today's "fully disclosed" society.  The "Occupy Wall Street" and the "Tea Party"  and the "Black Lives Matter" may not be lethal but they are distracting and polarizing.  In every way, except the plain truth, the "powerful few" have advised the masses that, to quote Star Trek's Scotty, "We can't hold it together much longer, it's going to blow" 

     Finally though, we are acquiescing to the wisdom of the groups around the world commons who never fully adopted the "people in power" strategy. America is reverting back to the baseline societal structure.  It is messy and unfair but necessary..... before the primitive Alt-Rights and the Delusional, empathy plagued, Left grind us all into dust.  My parting thought on the situation....did this "rollback" have to be championed by such an ASSHOLE!

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