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John Henry vs The Network....A Net Neutrality Story

Poor John Henry.  Down through the Ages he keeps dying with a shovel, a hammer a rivet gun, etc., in his hand.  His cyber world counterpart is now dying with "excess inventory on hand".  About a week ago I ordered Christmas Presents online.  Mostly from Amazon, although I did order a Perfume from a no-name perfume specialty dot.com who showed $10 cheaper on Google.  After 5 days and no perfume, I checked email to find a "delivery issue alert".  I cancelled and reordered on Amazon at 10 am the day before yesterday, specifying free 2 day delivery.  The box was on the porch 30 hours later.

     Startups and those with low expertise dpn't stand a chance in this emerged economy, and compounding, with net neutrality nixed, it will be "John Henry Time" for all except the well positioned elite .  A clip from a comment on a recent cultural blog says it raw and offers a perspective about the obvious consequences and options. 

Too many analysts get sucked into the neoliberal b.s. economy of moral virtue. Nobody makes money with earnest efforts to invent a better mousetrap. They make money from securing the legal rights to a gateway in our now thoroughly networked economy. You can adopt the politics of inevitable surrender to the plutocracy, the fantasy politics of irrelevance (russiagate or Trump’s impeachment being prime examples), or you can get down to re-inventing the left politics of eat the rich. If the rich are not already eating you, they are munching someone else just down the street from you.

      I generally agree.  This does pose an ontological problem.  Moral fulfillment is gonna get hard to come by in this hyper networked non-neutral cyberscape...but so long as THEY need us to consume 24/7.... and we, the masses, are so good at consuming....well, there is no need to "John Henry Out" trying to "eat the rich".  We will just sit out by the pool and wait for an Amazon Drone to deliver another round of Margaritas.

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