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Roy Moore and the Alabama Partisans

     Other than the "racial divide" and to a lesser degree the "urban/rural" separation, even in Alabama, correlating human profiles with choice patterns is, well, complicated.  Pundits, in national elections, get some play from the "evangelical/other identifier, but not so in the heart of red..where they're all evangelical.  Nothing pointed with more certainty as to how complicated is "WHY" than the vote split by education level.      

     My take is that we all want just as much freedom as we can get and make all of our choices directed accordingly   The blacks are always pretty sure that, within their home turf,  their freedom will always be constrained by whites were it not for the protections imposed by what they hope is a more accommodating republic.  (We will all seek protection from a little known crowd when we are certain about the malevolent intent of the guy with his hands around our throat.) The blue collar whites don't actually choose for anything.  They simply choose to oppose the black choice, having simplistic ally made fundamental that their freedom is, and will always be, constrained by black encroachment.  White collar whites come in two flavors, the vested and the aspirants.  Vested white collar whites always choose to hold and expand their freedom by opposing all possible constrains of their power from anywhere above them in the hierarchy that might have the potential to reduce their acquired entitlement to constrain the freedom of their neighbors.  Non vested white collar whites, the aspirants to white power, choose causes and group identities that enhance their near term personal power and therefore increased freedom opportunities regardless of how their choices align with race or position in the power hierarchy. 

     So therefore the question is....... who were all of those college educated voters who voted for Moore?  It is hard to believe that college educated white collar aspirants thought that there personal freedom potential pointed to Moore.  It is also hard to believe that a very high percentage of blue collar whites just happen to be college graduates.  Maybe the explanation is that the data used was Facebook Profiles where everyone "graduated from ...."  FAKE NEWS


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