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Can Trump make America more Cynical....probably not!

     In but a year the American Cynical Index (ACI) has more than tripled.  Of course this is not all a consequence of a "truth defying president".  Long before we were urged to distrust Trump ravings, we were skeptical of partisan politicians, detergent ads, cyber-evangelist, gymnastic scoring, and on and on.  In fact, for years, many delighted in the entertainment value of Trump's celebrity persona offering overtly manipulative and deceitful comedy.  Clearly our national cynisym was not amped by Celebrity Apprentice, Professional Wrestling or Jon Lovitz, but when one of these skilled magicians showed up on the world stage, well...cynicism went viral.

      Liberals and Progressives. for whom it was still fashionable to support Democratic Institutions, found the misplaced comedy to be despicable.  Conservatives, as always coming in two flavors, gullible and ego-manical, either pretended the comedy was reality, or genuinely believed it was reality.  Had either extreme on this spectrum just let the show run, most likely a state of normal would have prevailed.  But no, Fox had to antagonize the Liberals by making them watch Celebrity President, and the MSNBC had to pull out all stops to undermine the "comedy claiming reality" soap opera.  And, if this wasn't enough, the Liberals had to annex Russia into the match as a presumed co-producer of CA-Washington, i.e. Celebrity Apprentice - Washington. Accordingly...

     now we are in one hell of as mess.  The Liberals are absolutely certain that all discourse is corrupt, including the hyped allegations of their Liberal tribe, even when the origin is family or friend.  The Machiavellian Conservatives have been forced to adopt ever more deceitful personas in defense of their faux allegiance to arguments that they never believed in from the start.  Only the Conservative Gullible have been spared the anxiety of this extreme cynicism onset. However, even for this neurological challenged, Easter Bunny believing subset, numbering about 20%, there are some boundaries. It may be the case that, imminently no American will believe anything and as such all Americans will simply choose to act on nothing.

     Perhaps, before this full onset state arises, we might all agree to discontinue red/yellow/green intersection light symbols, in favor of random coloring... just as a mass training exercise, you know.  We might all like a reality where we live "down the rabbit hole" 

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