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Trump Showed Us the Way.....

     and we are now happier.  Maureen Dowd, the New York Times columnist, wrote this week a scathing editorial chronicling and berating the Trump Image.  Quickly, the impassioned right countered with their standard "Deutschland uber Alles" defense.  One commentator, posting under the moniker "Lover of the Right Truth", provided the following "meme-gem".

     For eight years we had a far left, American hating, monarch. Now we have a flawed, America loving, fighter.  Get used to him, he IS after all, a man who stands before the bullies of the world and screams to them just how much America Is RISING and SHINING.  Better America soars under a flawed man than drowns under a closet commie.

     This Machiavellian "self above all" meme runs so deep in the human psyche that it is hard to imagine that, somewhere over the rainbow, we will not, in the normal course of human events, simple obliterate our species.  Yes, I know that Steve Pinker keep pointing out how much more enlightened and civil the world has become, but....there is no denying that there has settled in, at least in America, an ominousness about each new tomorrow.  My sense, is that the post script which "Lover of the Right Truth" would liked to have added to his above Trump Defense,  would go something like:

     My mommy and my daddy taught me to protect what is mine.  I will not yield to the muslims, the blacks, the jews, the commies, the gays, the elitist, or any new identity group that my feeling deem a threat.  Further, I will consider it morally justified, given the danger, to put forth my best defense...  spontaneous preemptive attacks. 

     Further, I speculate not





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