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    “Hey, let’s go up to Charlottesville and kick some “frat boy” asses. Ok, but  I’m not getting arrested again.  Don’t worry, this is a freebie.  The suits are pissed off over some Civil War Statues and the whole town’s gonna be out their shooting their mouth off for their side.  When we show up with helmets and tatoos and swastikas, all of the candy-ass preppies will feel threatened, become incensed, then  argumentative, and ultimately belligerent.  Then we will stomp them into the ground and claim “defensive entitlement”.  Who knows! Trump and Sessions and Boss Hogg will probably cheer and whistle Dixie.”   

    P.S.  Isn’t it fucking amazing how easy it is for humanity to get caught up in this kind of ”moral equivalency rationalizing”.  Every day I work at an Assisted Living Facility where the “sides” identify as “mature children” and “advanced age parents”.  Guess who is typically wearing the helmets? 

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