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Ozark Fences

   Back in the day, when “Democracy vs Fascism”  was shaping our Identities, some California Liberals came up with a Personality Test posited to measure “fascist tendencies”.  Today, the Cal-F Test, if revived, would likely yield high marks for about 35% of Americans.  In my daily experience living as an anonymous liberal in Alt-Right Taney County, I’m never far from these “tendencies”.  
     Here in the Ozarks we are mindful that no matter how small or impoverished our town, there is still the right side and  the wrong side... of the tracks, so to speak.  Taking our cues from a long history of Alt-Right performances on the world stage, first comes arrogant privilege, then comes a wall, and then comes the law.   So it plays out, even in lowly Hollister, Branson’s poor cousin down on the other side of the tracks.  Hollister’s shining light on the hill, CofO recently bought a few more hundred acres for “manifest destiny” reasons.  Then, without delay, they erected full perimeter high barbed wire fencing securing land that could not possibly be worth as much as the cost of the fencing.
          Ask pretty much anyone in Hollister about the CofO military base like security apparatus and they will say that it is pure symbol...no one out here wants in there.  One of the Cal-F “tendencies” is that while for totalitarians, walls are for keeping the “non-authorized” out, in some cases, it is perhaps to keep the ambivalent children of the Alit-Right IN.    

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