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"Live-Well" Senior Support

     For too many years I have noted instances of how Senior Community aides, aid supervisors, and their supervisors are negligent in providing the "live well support" needed by the elderly. The older I get, the easier it is to see the obvious shortfalls in job description requirements. What most facility based seniors get is general compliance with a generic list of "to do tasks", which by definition excluded all tasks/courtesies not on the list. A senior's "live-well support" is. as such, almost entirely dependent on the sociological profiles and personality attributes of the individuals composing care team. 

     Unlike caring for children, where adults, having experienced childhood, are instintively better equiped to be discerning, no adult has directly experienced advanced age.  As such, for most caregivers their discernment is poor, of course primarily because it is not mandated as an emplyee requirement, but  significantly also because they have no personal experiences stored in memory to trigger need recognition.

     Consider how perplexing, disturbing and frightening it would be for the typical job seeking caregiver to be  told that their job would be to, for 40 hours weekly, share residential space with 12 advanced age persons during which time they should assist those women and men "to be the best they can be". 

     I have tried.....they just run out the door as if I had asked them to sign up for a 50 year mission to Mars

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