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A Strange Loop

        Sam Harris `offers a start point for reflecting on being.  My personal best understanding is the tech metaphor likening the "me" to a "smart-phone always recording video and audio" programmed to direct  the device's attention by a memory cache prioritizing and informing pursuant to a very simple program. My meta-program expression reads that "the me/ the device", always expends energy in the direction for which the probability of ego satisfaction is highest.          That's it....well except that my corollary sense is that ego satisfaction is just another way of saying love.  Which brings me to this Christmas Day and the trans-rational attention we save for the sacred.  My best guess is that in earliest human history  ego satisfaction lead directly to significant others whose eventual death would have been confounding.  That the loving other was indeed not gone, but just in another realm, was likely an easy work around for the single minded smart memory cache.  It seems plausible that this loving the unseeable dead evolved into the loving of the realm where the dead must be.... a place called God.  From that leap of creative ego satisfaction the evolving of the Trinity, or it's parallels, at least to me, seems fairly straight forward.  They were refinements in the learning memory cache's instruction as to what a consciousness should pay attention. Today, we are paying attention to that realm from which love flows, perfected over evolving consciousness time to be that perfect significant other bringing comfort to our grieving souls...or at least to our smart memory caches containing the latest emotional memory chip that this Darwinian Universe  currently supports.


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