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Lord of the Flies 2016

For we who are "70 something" we have been reminded all of our adult life that, without supervision, young men tend to operate in "primitive mode".  How many times has Hollywood remade the 1954 Golding allegorical novel "Lord of the Flies"?   Through the years I have though about the, "British School Boys Stranded on a Remote Island Turning Viscous Plot", without linking this adolescent phenomena to the present-day visible devolution of modern society.

Yes, we  all know that ISIS's maraudering is attractive to some disenfranchised young men everywhere, but generally modern cultures normalizes these occasional defections as rare and isolated cases. We rationalizie that these expressions are either genetically or mystically propagated, neither origin of which represents a clear and present personal threat.  As long as we are not vacationing in Syria, shooting heroin, or playing Russian Roulette on Friday nights, it's "out of sight-out of mind", but

     Widespread "primitive mode" expression in local public space is a different matter, pointing by example to the timely Chicago Teenager Abuse Story.  There are increasingly more  explicit signs that "going viral" is , well....."going viral".  Isn't this what happened on that fictional Lord of the Flies island where the weaker school-boys had no where to hide.  Perhaps a societal response beyond not withholding the  funding for "Planned Parenthood" is in order....you think!

PS:  I have read that some Australian Universities are responding to the widespead instances of "just for fun"pedestrian assults by impromptu, cyber coordinated, Somalian Gangs.  They are offering free Consolment Teddy Bears and "Cry Therapy Counciling" to victims.

                                         Everyone's a Victim - Long Live Inclusivity....BS


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