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Ozark Social Security at "82"


     My guess is that in 1935, when the Social Security Law was enacted, few in Congress thought that in 2015 there would be 7 million 80+ year old retires collecting an average 0f $1295 monthly.  Along with our +65 friends and disability recipients, this year it will cost taxpayers around a $100 Billion a month.  Here in the "low-mojo" Ozarks, we may not be getting our proportionate per capita retirement share..... (cause we ain't killing ourselves trying to make $3000 mortgage payments like the suburbanites) but at least we are in the high percentiles when it comes to disability awards.  Yes, we still farm, a little, and we do sell a lot of pizzas to one another, but our most vibrant industries are auto accidents claiming and disability claiming.  Hell, our TV viewing is underwritten by Aaron, Dr. Brad, Thomas, and the other "strikers".  

     Assessed from a  pragmatic, albeit a morally relatavistic, point of view, it's a damn good thing that we've got this disability industry going for us. Just go to Walmart and look at the population age distribution.  With liberal promoted statins, novel antibiotics and hyperbaric chambers, we are supporting a staggering numbers of the surviving very old. We can't do this without increasing transfer payments.  Only 40% of our people are get paychecks and most of them are making $10 an hour.  It just doesn't add.

     As the Jurassic Park guy said, "Life finds a way".  So, have a "fender bender at the #248/65 interchange and call your lawyer!

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