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Pre-Advent Pessimism

     Life is an infinitely diversifying microbial stream optimized by an inherent constraint protocol.  Humanity is the, at present,  most complex expression of this constraint protocol.  Humans are control intelligence expressing as highly adaptive immune systems.  In our fulness humans have only the future of fulfilling the microbial constraint function. 

     In our past we have a rich and novel pattern of proliferation and evolution.  We compete for reproductive resources.  This competition yields an ongoing succeed/fail spectrum.   We invent contextual attractors in a perpetual struggle to achieve sufficient mass energy to either overcome the"haves" or to suppress the "have-nots".   Illustratively, we invented deities, farming, science, democracy,  communism, libertarianism, etc.; all as constructs to impact this economic spectrum. 

     Perhaps the microbial base, proliferating exponentially, will soon require a more sophisticated constraint protocol, bringing to a close the human support role, and this game inside the game.  When, as, and if, will humans be replaced by constraint agents that evolve through competitive forces?  Or will higher intelligence find a superior evolutionary catalyst.

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