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Branson Edge: Liberal/Conservative "Trash Talk"

     Darin, the relentless dude, who hates Mayor Presley, and forever is perplexed as to how to vilify her, today in a long and convoluted piece on his "Branson Edge" blog settled for "fiscal liberal" and "sustainability" cloaking as a frame for her most recent misdeeds.  Because Darin's blog is so feverish to support "traditional values", he accepts only comment posts with which he agrees, so I guess I will have to post/twitter his editorial with reply included!


Branson Mayor and the Anti-Tea Party Movement (Editorial)

An acid test for modern conservative and liberal politicians can most easily be found by how the term "sustainability" is defined. For an economic conservative the term sustainability refers to fiscal restraint. The battle cry of the current tea party movement requires government to respect the right of persons to maintain their acquired wealth without the impediment of government interference.

For the liberal, private property rights are nullified by the greater good of the community. The extreme is socialism whose tenants state that all land is the public domain. Branson's current mayor and by association Branosn's current Board of Alderman have taken an extremely liberal  leaning perspective on economic policy, and development.  You can read the full Editorial at his blog site. http://bransonmissouri.missourinetizen.com/2011/11/branson-mayor-and-anti-tea-party.html


Perhaps you see some traction in using the conservative/liberal model to illuminate a local government regime with questionable intentions, but, it just doesn't sell. Your use of terms such as "fiscal liberal" and "sustainability" just confuse.  My sense is that every time you want to expose what you believe are unworthy and cloaked agendas, you call every offender in sight the worst publishable name you know, i.e."liberal". All thinking people who live in this little racist, bigoted, hypocritical, pretentious and under-educated "our town", know that it's just a garden variety "cronyism" that you see!  In fact there are plenty of conservatives (you) and liberals (me) who would like to see a community with a robust working democracy at its core.  Unfortunately we would also like to see cheap gas, more jobs, better health care, etc.  So, how about changing your context?  Think how pointless it would be to have framed Gadaffi, or Mubarak, or Assad as "liberals", when the whole world knows that they are/were just "self-indulgent assholes"!

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