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Get Ready China.....One-Third of America is Going on Disability!

    Back in the day, I owned  a Nursing Home in McCallen, Texas.  One Fall it came to my attention that every Tuesday night many of the Aide Staff were mysteriously absent, as were many of  the staff at other area Nursing Homes.  Nominal investigating revealed that a Non-Profit Community Improvement Organization was teaching a class at the local Junior High School on Tuesdays.  For twenty years, I have told the story, to mostly disbelieving friends who thought that the story was an " Urban Legend".  Actually it was true.  The class was offered to help Nursing Home Employees strategically "Slip & Fall" while at work.
     I no longer own Nursing Homes, and I no longer live in Rick Perry's Texas.  Perhaps today's methods of coping  in McCallen are not so jaded, but, I suspect not.  As I survey my current hometown, the TV Ads are uninterrupted "Disability Law Is All We Do" siren songs wooing the disenfranchised.  E-mail solicitations are even more blatant, culturing a naive audience to believe that a "free benefit evaluation" is much like playing Monopoly at Micky-D's; who knows, you might win big.  Sadly, here in the Ozarks, and I suspect virtually everywhere in Small Town, America, playing the "Disability Card" has turned into a "mid-life passion".  Culture pundits call it the "Disability by Design" phenomena.  We are on a fast track to an economy where one-third produce, one- third live entitled, and one-third supervise the entitled.
     You see, by 40, in Small Town, America, no less than one-third of the population have had 25 years of experience in coping with unemployment, alcohol, drugs, affairs, divorces, rehab, child support, restraining orders, Medicaid, and unending family fights.  Their teen/twenty "clone children" are now "partying hard", adding liabilities as well as varying configurations of "step-grandchildren" to their parents next to impossible lives.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your perspective, the "40 somethings" have usually wised up along the way and accordingly choose against coping by running-off with the next door neighbor, buying into a Tech-School Hustle, or aimlessly dreaming about winning the lottery.  
     For many the only sensible escape route with a semi-safe future is "Disability by Design".   In our compassion com modified culture, it turns out that this has an easy receipe. Add a Headaches, back-problem, chronic fatigue, rage episode, depression, or some combination of the above, fold in a few Medical Practioners compelled to provide patient validating free treatment, top off with legions of predatory Disability Lawyers  and shazam, $1500 a month for life...not Kardashian, but better than the alternative.
     In today's cyber world "Disability by Design" has clearly gone viral, putting the culture on a collision course with both solvency and sovereignty.  If there is a solution, it almost certainly will not be political.  It will, I suspect require a societal restructuring of epic proportion. What that might entail, I have no idea.  What I do know is, that in the near term, the Chinese had better bring their "A GAME", because we're gonna need all the fucking wealth that they can create.

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