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Branson Heart Center's Appointment Challenge

     Now that the Skaggs Hospital's new Medical Complex over on Highway 248 is finished and occupied, the Tenant Doctors are busy taking care of Branson's sick.........well at least  they are caring for those who are well enough to navigate their "pre-appointment/patient screening" protocol.   Perhaps, if my medical issue is a gout flare up or a painful knee, I can fit myself into the appointment schedule optimized for the doctors, but what if I sense that I am having a "heart problem".  I now know that my choices are to rub some dirt on and tough it out, or take my chances with an overworked and non-specialized Skaggs ER doctor, or I can call Cardiology Consultants at their shinny new offices  over on Highway248, with ambition to see a Board Certified Cardiologist for a comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment..  I have tried all three, and while my heart is  still beating, I am offering up my Angie's List Feedback.  Best Choice: tough it out; it's free and you won't be misdiagnosed  Worse Choice: Skaggs ER, you almost certainly will be misdiagnosed and it will cost you about a $1000.  Most Unresponsive Choice:  Call The Branson Heart Center at  417-348-8290 and visit with a cheerful young "Care Consultant" who will explain to you that your symptoms will be pertinent only at a later time after you have provided a mailing address to which they will mail a "Medical Records Release Request Form" which, when, as, and if filled out properly and returned to The Branson Heart Center will be filed as a precondition to The Heart Centers mailing requests to all identified providers.  If you are precise in your undertaking of the "Appointment Challenge", Julie, or Michael, or Jennie will confirm that no appointment can be made to see a doctor, until all of the solicited records have been received and reviewed.  If you would like an estimate as to the average wait time for the records to be returned or the then subsequent wait time for the actual appointment to be made, the pleasant young voice will steadfast hold to their position that they have no idea.  How long does it actually take?  I don't know, I am still waiting for the call.  PS:  If the though has occurred to you that you might be able to game the Appointment Challenge by going to the Clinic Manager to complain, forget about it.  Darrell, the Clinic Managers hands are tied.  He and what minimal clinical staff is available to him operate at the pleasure of Skaggs Hospital which means that, like all Skaggs Hospital Groups, they operate in a "constructive bankruptcy nighmare".  Indeed most of his energy is probably spent  patronizing Skagg's need for cash, not worrying about heart attacks..    Perhaps your best choice will be a direct Lax/Bankok flight with a waiting car to carry you to a new state of the art diagnostic center  staffed by well trained people who have not yet figured out how to replicate America's "fucked up" health care system.

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