Why Skaggs Brags!

Every Fall, our now "almost digital airways", air a strong round of self proclaiming ads by our own "Skaggs Community Hospital".  This season, with the economy in disarray, the question looms large; why does the  only Hospital in town need to spend our money telling us what a great Hospital we have?  Surely the ads aren't free!.  Yes, we all know that the Springfield "MetaCare Hospitals" have a presence in Branson, but unless everyone that I know is an exception, few of us are selecting Hospital services like we choose between Country Mart and Walmart.   To play off of the now overused political quote, "It's the economy stupid", I guess the obvious message for the Skagg's operatives, is; "it's the doctors stupid".  Withstanding all of the "hospitalist" trend, we all don't show up often at Skaggs, we know nothing of the program, little of the operational leadership, and have no idea where Skaggs gets its money or how they spend it.  We are barely able to sustain a relationship with our respective doctors, they being so heavily guarded by techs, assistants, and admins.  Accordingly, we almost always will defer to our doctors call re:  hospitalization, medications, home health providers, therapy support, surgery, procedures, etc. 

 As such, many of us would hope that Skaggs would drop the generic bragging and concentrate on presenting strong arguments to our doctors as to why we shouldn't have to drive to Springfield for our next "sleep study", "plastic surgery", or whatever else OUR DOCTOR "deems to be in our best interest".


Covert Ops at Branson Aeroport

Yes, we locals know that there is an airport being built out South of town.   Sadly, that is about all we know!  It is perplexing why the "hopefully deep pocket investors" building  this major asset are so low profile about the status.  Ironically, the occasional press release describes an extraordinary, futuristic, show stopping ride that will ignite Branson's next stage rocket . Well newsflash, "hopefully deep pocket investors", we locals are on your side.  If you will just  give us  some information,  we will be more than happy to promote "whatever" you, "hopefully deep pocket investors"  are able to make a reality. 


"Helle, Yes"

Surely we "indigenous hillbillies" have not become so "moral majority straight" that we can't laugh at life's little improv humor.  I suspect that Lori Helle,  Branson's new CFO (chief financial officer),  has  absorbed more than a few "Oh Hell" jokes. Indeed, there are rumors that as she acclimates to her new responsibility she routinely is heard muttering "Oh Hell".  

In these "high politics" days when at least half of the people in America want the leader of the free world to be a minimally experienced/educated, but moral/ authentic, "soccer mom", one would have to conclude that Helle is prepared for her job. Hell, a quick search of Hells'  soccer prowess puts poor "point guard sara" to shame.  Further to her credit, while she is trying to lead our most atypical "billion dollar small town" into the perilous 21st century, she is at least taking "business classes" at a community liberal arts college"  As the gum chewing bridge inspector on the TV commercial says, "That should do it!"  

In all seriousness, this is no doubt a fine young lady, facing a task that most of us can't even imagine.  We may be blessed by her profile blend of long tenacity and short credentials.  I suspect a "Ben Barnacke look- a- like" wouldn't have touched the job with a ten foot pole.


Better Branson Jobs......WHERE?

I'm retired and not looking for a job, but about fourteen times a day I absorb the "Branson Better Jobs" TV ad promising that their agency/website is the obvious source for employment opportunities in Branson.  Well, is it?  A recent visit to their touted website confirms that, in this ostensibly mega successful community, there are exactly 11 jobs available;  most of which are entry level  jobs at or near minimum wage.  Setting aside the implied question as to how this media presence is being funded, the more notable question is.........how viable is the Branson Community if there is such a minimal employment base.  Does this community have sufficient economic opportunity to attract the educated and purposeful citizen base necessary to create a culture as inspiring as our visitor count. 


Child Labor, Ozarks Style!

"Please Mommy, do I have to sing and dance again tonight"?  Sure, it isn't an Ecuadorian Sweat Shop, but my God the increasing pivot toward "family value" entertainment  is filling Branson with family acts dependent on kids hoofing through schedules that would put Shirley Temple to shame.  If singing/dancing isn't a big business then why the big bucks, and if it is, then where is the protection for little Susie and Billy singing those good old gospel hymns 24/7.