Blood Bath at Murder Rock

Whoever spent a measurable part of a Billion Dollars building infrastructure for the Branson Creek sudivision down South of Hollister should have funded a few islands in Dubai instead. I presume they now are rationalizing that they wanted to turn a few hundred million dollars into a nightmare rather than a place on the Forbes List.  One gaze from the Murder Rock panoramic view of a "1000 year buildout", ( only one marginal spec house built this season) must surely be enough to send someone over the edge.  My guess is that their banker will want to jump first!   


Fractional Ownership/Fractional Truth

Isn't it the damnest thing that everyone who calls the Ozarks home laughs at the stupidity of "timeshare"ownership"; yet year after year thousands of  new suckers flock to the Ozark hills and hollows to give a $12,000 note for what they could have bought on ebay for $450.  Obviously it is a testimony as to how oppressed are the psyches of  those who are, I presume, dominantly urban dwellers.  If we have any fairness about us, we will stop them during breakfast at Bob Evans and tell them to "just say no" to the 28 year old closer hotdog driving the new porsche!

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