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     gatesnotes.com has a current story about a "worldwide conspiracy"....a "good"one.  A collection of scientfic organizations around the globe, (CGIAR), have collaborated inter-disciplinary and I assume intersection ally, (whatever that now means), to optimize the small-farm Maize production in Africa. Presumably this has, is, and will save an extraordinary number of lives. This is uncontrovertibly "good" unless you ask Steven Miller, or anyone exiting a Trump Rally.   It seems obvious that the Gates Foundation, and the participating elites who expend their life energy in these pursuits, are true "progressive liberals" who believe that humanity is symbolically traveling an upward trending evolutionary trajectory and not simply forever retracing a static sociological circle.  

      There are millions (probably not billions) of we imagining carbon creatures who hope that when the next tribulation visits the sub-Sahara, that one or more of those alive to imagine because of Bill's Maize will choose to do similar  "woke work".....but maybe not! 

    Certainly there are those who make a strong case that this "liberal democracy experiment", aka, America,  that produced both Bill and the "deplorables", is playing out like all preceding "democracy stories', namely that liberty brings bounty, which brings selfishness, which bring authority, which brings resistance, which bring revolution, which settles into "do-over".

     Of course "Bill and the Boys" being fully awake know that this is not just a sovereign nation thing, such that however it turns out, in 50 years it will be detailed in history books.  For better or worse, we are now planetary entangled, and unless the elites step-up in mass and money to lead humanity to a StarTrek future we're in for what might be a fatal ride.

PS:  If the elites do step up, they should covertly "just do it", while publically & politically reporting to the electorate (10% will want to know what's happening...90% will be non-responsive) that the planatary salvation was a miracle. 



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