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Global Coin vs. DIF

     Soon, somewhere over all of earth's rainbows, we will be buying and selling stuff, denominated in Facebook's new cryptocurrency, "Libra".  Enabled by the Bitcoin introduced cyber wonder "blockchain", all 10 billion sentient earthlings will be exchanging shit of presumed value without having to bother a bunch of old worn out Mitch McConnell type fed/banker dudes to keep track of our relative wealth.  While Trump, Putin, Jinping, et.al.  are playing their "Who Can Save/Destroy the Planet First" game, the rest of us will be taking consumer ism to a whole new level. 

     Yes, some of the 10 billion, at least the 2% who are "woke", will bitch about how Facebook is undermining our souls by capturing, digitizing and exploiting our pathetic little amygdales for their ever greater profit. Most of us however will be genuinely happy to have Portal order and deliver a new Barbecue Grill Cover..."man, how did they know I needed that"

     The 2% will fight back.  They will keep explaining that we are forgetting to list on our application for installment purchases that one of our most valuable assets is our very own "consumer biography". which we give away for free every day. (We gave it to Facebook, who sold it to Amazon, who used it reveal that we needed and could afford the BQ Grill Cover).  They will tell us that we should get paid for revealing our desires to the world.  After all the makers no longer have to advertise...they just send us what we want, and what we now want is to get paid for our reveal.  Indeed, there are at present large organizations, both for-profit and non-profit, posturing to convince, we the 98%, to port our cyber info through a modern day "enigma machine" that can encrypt our "selves" which can then be auctioned to the highest bidder.....for a small commission.  At present the DIF, Decentralized Identity Foundation, funded by IBM, Mastercard, etc. is the accelerator point for this opposing interest.

     This sounds real cool, if you say it fast.  Otherwise it smacks of "mind slavery" with the bizarre twist that we "gullibles" are now capable of orchestrating our own sale. #Facebook



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