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     Offered by a blogger unnamed, the "Versionland" semiotic is powerful.  Today's cyber enabled world has brought us to a place where the vast number of "event versions" overwhelm any possible collective focus toward truth.  We have only an endless stream of versions.   Naturally, in "Versionland" it is prudent, indeed maybe vital, to reflect and act from a permanent state of doubt.

     Certainly some of the Version-Creep" is simply what happens when everyone has a voice.  Only cursory consideration, however, suggests that much of the 'Version-Creep" is intentional.  Way up in the hierarchy, there is gold-rush to capture the attention of our totally confused and vulnerable "main-street".  We are the pawns in a socio-political migration resulting from the "weaponization of doubt".  Some, like Jordan Peterson advocate that Main-street wrap themselves in a traditional codified belief system to avoid becoming unhinged.  Sam Harris, to the contrary, recommends mindfulness and rational inquire to avoid loosing our bearings.

     At any rate, our attention span is now so shortened via tweets, pods, and sound bites that aggregately we are post discernment/conviction.  We are just gonna hang-out and offer our votes andmoney to the dude with the coolest slogan! 

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