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Alec Baldwin morphing to Trump

     Why just impersonate POTUS when you can cultivate "next in line" status.  Yes, Baldwin just punched a guy on 10th Ave, he did not shoot him.....but he did get arrested.  As our Pres would say, "I like a guy who punches a guy in the face:. It would have gotten more press had it been 5th Ave., but the message is clear,  Alec does the spontaneous violence shit that 37% of America likes.  With 2+ years of SNL practice and a few more "out of control" encounters, Alec should be ready to step in as "despot in waiting".  Never mind his policy inclinations.  The base is down for recognizable faces with extreme counter-culture proclivities.  As for Baldwin, he no doubt will do anything for fame.  He pretty much already has. #AlecBaldwin  

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