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Understanding the Trump Voter

     Many of us who identify with the various "liberal tags", democrat, progressive, globalist, alt-lefrtist, etc. still have not quit shaking our heads at the, what we though unimaginable, fact that Trump is President.  There is damn little that can now be done about it, and as such, we pass this political alienation searching for a decent answer as to WHY & HOW.. 

     A West-Texas friend, like so many Conservative Fence-Walkers who seek to separate the GOP from TRUMP, offered an American Scholar Lead Article purporting to explain, Phi Beta Kappa style.  It did deliver a perspective, namely the single minded insight of a near 90 year old liberal Jewish academic speaking from his pulpit as the "champion of communalism".  Etzioni offered that "sociologists have pointed out that modernity has threatened the communal bonds that are essential for a person's sense of identity, emotional stability, and moral codes." As such, he explains that the really discerning progressives like Jonathan Haight have recognized that, while a more rapid expansion of personal freedom is certainly desirable, it is dangerous to advocate any new  moral paradigm, no matter how enlightened.  His core insight is that disrespecing the communal underpinning of local tribes, i.e., "basket of deplorables", always brings forth retribution....  our retribution be named Donald J.   

     No, Etzitoni does not end on the despair of "dont tread on me".  He offers the salvation of democratic communalism, an idealized democratic state in which local diversified tribes nestle satisfied and appreciated within a national unity context embrasing the really big concerns like, nuclear war and global warming.  Sounds good to me, except that his speculation as to how this post-dialectic society might come to past, is no more than a plea for the liberals to be more patient and the traditionals to evolve more quickly.  If you read Etzioni's story, it is encouraging that he is, at 90,  still hopeful.  At a decade less, I am not so much, but alas, I live in "deplorable mecca".


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