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"CHANGE IS GONNA COME".......sometime!

     During this season of wall to wall talk about the political state of affairs, conversations often turns to musings  about when "change is gonna come". My sense is that , most likely, damn slow.  I have never seen statistics as to how many of the vast number of the employees of Fortune 500 Companies know the name of their CEO, much less have actually met them. This hyper-hierachlical pattern is equally visible in The Church, The State, The Philonthropic Community, and indeed in every purposful organizational assemblage.  Why?  Because it always yields the greatest increase in human control over the material world, which of course includes we humans. Slaves needed masters, peasants needed lords, workers needed bosses, and vice versa. This self limiting and self correcting dance of the "haves and have-nots" has brought forth civilization.  but.... a strange thing has recently happened during humanities  journey to the stars. 

     Without further expounding, I am just going to offer this illustrative rhetorical question.  If 90% of all  14th Century peasants lived within 10 minutes of a Walmart and had an "auto-posting debit cards available pursuant to a Guaranteed Personal Income Law"....would there have been a French Revolution?  Folks, it's gonna be a long time before Main Street evolves beyond  our present day "managed addiction" to X-Boxes, the NFL, SSRI's,  Puppy Dogs, and on and on! 

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