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"Alternate Facts"

In a fully disclosed "speculative mode", it appears to me that Trump sent Spizer out to arbitarily declare that the Inagural Crowds were the largest ever.  This conclusion, regardless of the presumed context, was taken by the press to have been a "statement of non-fact" contradicted by indisputable data.  The press went wild at the presumed violation of their most sacred compass "credibility".  So, it would seem, Trump then sent out congenial, but tough as nails Kelly-Ann, to help "get past it".   For even Kelly-Ann this was damn near a ' Kobayashi Maru' task and under stress she retreated into an explanation that Spizer was using "ALTERNATE FACTS".

     This lintent to claim equal standing for a perception that violates sensory data has some pretty significant implications. The frightening imagery of a world conditioned to such "full monte" relativism, worries me a lot.  How will I know for certain that New England won the Superbowl!  

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