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"Brexit".... Branson Style!!

     Yes, Merry Ol' England has chosen to roll back their evolutionary clocks to what they hope will be a less stressful and more peaceful future. Apparently most Brits thought that the benefits of being an EU member were nice, but that the commensurate impositions were just too taxing. Profit is nice, but an integral culture, no thanks!

      Does the story line sound familiar.  The Ozarks has for a 100 years held their "tribal culture" apart from mainstream America while availing the indigenous of all the fruits of inclusion.  We take their entitlements, their grants, their entertainment dollars and their iphones.  We give back little, and indeed impede the Union's strained efforts to husband our "yesteryear delusions" by supporting the same throwback hypocrites that orchestrated England's Brexit choice. Briton should have cut an Ozark deal with the EU.  Kind of a "tea party reverse"..."representation without taxation".

     We Ozarkians are dumb like the Opposum.  We make look dead, but we be eatin' off Washington, for free.  Praise Jesus, Ronald Regan and the multi-national elites doing all the heavy lifting.

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