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Admit It.......You Kinda Like Putin!

     Well, I guess the recent election forecast/results confirmed that Americans are somewhat closed about their real preferences.Followlng those that proudly,"standing on the cross", checked Pence on their ballots, a whole bunch of us "more secular, thoughtful people", voted for the alpha-male dude too.  Yes, we may prefer CNN to Hannity and while we might intellectually agree with Fareed Zakaria and the other Spock elites, I guess we wanted someone that reminded us more of of JJ Watts than Anderson Cooper....never mind their their policies! 

     Maybe in the few minutes a day that we aren't socially exposed, we realize that depending on personas adorn with, like, BA's in Psychology, Soccer Camp Experience, Facebook World Views, and 39th place in Math Skills; well, we may not be Boy Scout Prepare for these volitle times.  Indeed, we are, post election plus a few weeks, feeling pretty good about our new "bad-ass" champion representing us in the Geo-Political World Games. We certainly accept that the Games are nuclear serious, but we consider that, much like "highway lane-sharing", ultimately no one wants a crash in which mutual injury is virtually certain. 

     This brings me to the high profile "bad-ass" quarterback for our lifetime rivals, the guys in Red trimmed in Gold.  He sure as hell doesn't run three plays off-tackle and then punt.  He is strategic, gutsy and clever, a worthy opponent.  No, we don't want him to win, but he's not unintelligible to us, like trans-rational Imans and just plain weird Chinese.  In our more honest moments many of us think it's more like Drew Breese fans cheering for Aaron Rodgers than it's like Skywalker locked in a death struggle with D. Vader.

     Of course, I could be way wrong! 

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