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Branson's Deadliest Gig!

It's "gigging season" in Branson.  Since recovering from the ultra cold first weeks of the new year, "the lights" have started to show up late at night on Taneycomo.  My first exposure to "the lights", several years ago, was erie. Beyond my residence picture window, the blackness of the river and the far side bluffs were slowly being illuminated.  Under reflection of a several million candle power light moving upstream at the surface, Taneycomo took on the appearance of an LAX runway.  There were no aliens....just "giggers".  For those of you who don't know "gigging", well it is a minor "blood sport" enjoyed by a hardy few.  From high tec boats equipped with large generators and banks of flood lights  a "navigator" slowly moves upstream on Missouri's waterways while a "giggor" uses a long pole, supplemented on one end with multiple barbed spears.  The sport objective is to stab light stunned fish asleep on the river bed.  Not surprisingly, the "catch" is much better than with a fly rod, although, like the "deerslayers", "giggors" prefer the term "harvest" for their sports yield.  Yes, it is legal, although it is supposed to be limited to less desirable fish such as carp, suckers, and drum. I doubt that there is much selectivity just down from Table Rock Dam where the 55 degree water supports mostly trout. Regardless any species would object to being so  selected.  It is true, there are no gladiator spectacles at "The Landing" but you'all can come down to Branson and enjoy a nice dinner and an evening of fish stabbing.

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