I Hope Sam Harris is Wrong
Sunday, September 1, 2019 at 01:49PM
An Unnamed Baldnobber

     Like many who are "woke" enough to seek out todays intellectual bit dialogue, I listen to Sam Harris.  He is, I find, a critcal thinker and an extremely skilled communicator.  He is an outspoken Trump critic and an alarmist about Muslim Jihad.  He is a self-described liberal, yet overtly crtical of today's "far-left".  I share his passion to muster every possible resources to defeat Trump in 2020.  

     Harris' ongoing contribution to the hopeful Trump defeat is to, by reasoned arguments, illuminate both the misguided Trump policies and the cultural debasement related to humanities mimetic reaction to Trump's  egomanical personality traits.  Recently, however, Harris has shifted his emphasis to address what he thinks is a critical error in the public political focus, given his "Defeat Trump" prime directive.  Harris believes that the current media obsession with all things race will result in Trump's certain re-election.  


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