Identity Perspectives....a Russian Doll metaphor
Wednesday, June 12, 2019 at 11:07AM
An Unnamed Baldnobber

     How many post-modern illuminating tweets/posts are necessary for us to accept that what we think, say, write and vote is perspectival, based on our history.  Having, I think, fully internalized this "truth", the obvious question is...."so now what"?

     Should we abandon our sense that humans are social creatures.  Should we think only about ourself, live isolated, only write secret journals, and never do politics.  After all, who wants to be berated for allowing their lack of empathy, or assessed faux empathy, to be revealed.  Or should we "mindfully" move our "self-identity" to the most all-encompassing universal sub-set hoping to "just get along".  Perhaps, if we all identified only as "quark collections", we would not need an aisle in Congress.

     Or, rather obvious, we could teach that "identity perspectives" are like musical notes or Russian Dolls.  We should take-up a standpoint as close as possible to the "affinity field" where we do our living.

    We can't undo "I am me and you are not", but we can become more "entangled"....quantum speaking!

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