Post-Bomb Brutus
Saturday, May 4, 2019 at 01:01PM
An Unnamed Baldnobber

Murder has been forever a common theme on our little blue planet.  While historically, wholesale/global human carnage was not an existential species it is!  Although we humans don't talk much about our common peril, we all know that TECH has brought us iphones, Crispr and a the real possibility of species annihilation.  We, of course, embrace the trade, rationalizing that all now known fatal techs, "bio-AI nuclear-climate",  need only be reconciled as probabilities, like plane crashes and ebola.  

I accepted that at some time/space scale, everything is lethal, but the IDW people keep inviting statistiics aficionados to prove up that for all of these mega-killers, the event probabilities are all 100% and that, for each, the low-risk time safety zones have past.  My favorite, is the Nick Balstrom "chiller scenario" that says that in any sizable population the human behavior diversity is always such that a few people would, if possible, choose to kill millions, or everyone.  Why, is not relevant.  We all know that if, to fabricate a Nuclear Bomb, required the same Tech Capacity as is required to make a Gasoline Engine, we would all now be dead. Particularly, this stealth-nuclear expression and the similar stealth-bio-pathogen expression seem most probabilistically troubling.  One can imagine that we are coming upon a culture where nuclear/bio DIY kits are available on racks at Walmart, designated as "re-purposed for sport venues".

Not to announce my melancholy, nor to undermine Nike optimism, but I'm thinking intercessory prayer.

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