Mueller the Mute!
Saturday, May 25, 2019 at 03:13PM
An Unnamed Baldnobber

     The phrase most common to our polarized political parties is "The American People".  Used across the media spectrum to co-align with the forces of light presumed to have been revealed to humanity as democracy, the reference is ubiquitous.  After 2+ years waiting on the Mueller probe findings, it is surely true that "The American People" have either "heard enough" or they need to "hear further" what Mueller has to say. 

     It is credibly estimated that less than .05% of the US registered voters have read the redacted published report and that a Congressional closed session hearing would, in published format, likely reach no more.  Although both sides generally agree that if televised "The American People" would have a more informed opinion about Muellers' findings, whether this is desirable is of course all a matter of bias intent.

     Presumably Mueller does not want to report publicly, for now much speculated reasons, all of which seem either selfish, or pitiful, or corrupt.  Literally not one pundit has offered a satisfactory reason for his reticence.  Perhaps it is encouraging that these pundits think we are not so far "down the rabbit hole" that they feel compelled to awaken extreme explanations.  That's fine, but for christsake many of us really would like to know.  Are we looking at an MS13 takedown, or would the verbalized findings send the Dow to 3000, or would a Charlottesville like outbreak go viral?  Whatever.... the status quo is now so exasperating that we "The American Public" will welcome anything that is beyond the daily "audience management bullshit".  Bring it on!

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