Alexa.....please ask "Minhua Wu" for help!
Thursday, April 4, 2019 at 05:59PM
An Unnamed Baldnobber

     Because we Americans are so "exceptional". we get to make, and take credit for, and name all cool things like telephones and televisions and more recently "Voice Assistance Devices like Alexa.  I happened to click on the "Alexa Science Blog" today and noted page after page of technical posts related to machine learning, neural net experiments, etc.


     Not only were the first two entries from, what might have been a list of finalist in the National Spelling Bee, but, clicking through the pages, it was apparent that the rapidly evolving Alexa is being brought to every household in America by persons who most of our electorate want to silence.  I am not suggesting anthing sinister about "nationalism".  I do like a pure play, however.  If we  are so damn exceptional, we should be satisfied with a Voice Assist Device made by Billy Long, Sara Smith, and Jimmy Johnson and not insist on one brought to us by:

Hari Parthasarathi
Kenichi Kumatani
Yuan-yen Tai
Rahul Gupta
Minhua Wu
Ming Sun
Behnam Hedayatnia
Mike Rodehorst
Alessandro Moschitti
Anuj Goyal
Anish Acharya
Rasool Fakoor
Sanchit Agarwal

     Literally thes were exclusively the named contributors on "all" of the blog entries. Excepting, maintaining control of the world currency markets, (a Jewish thing),  we be outsourcing everything.  "Alexa... ask Rasool how I can pass that damn GED test."

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