I Call "Bullshit"....but
Sunday, April 28, 2019 at 10:31AM
An Unnamed Baldnobber

     A Quillette post today brought focus to what we all know, but casually overlook. Namely that our often personal opinions arise as a state of understanding based on dubious memory and therefore assesments that may be faulty.  We may be the victims of "historical amnesia" resulting from our "information overload culture".  It is prudent to remember, as the Quillette post put it:

"We have in the cacophony of the internet a vast machine for forgetting. One that is building a new society upon the shallow, shifting sands of Historical Amnesia."

     As such, we need think deep when our biases arise.  Are they responsive to the cumulative expression of an evolving self or they shallow inclinations reflecting "too much now"

     And further, if this isn't enough, we must guard against reacting to this conflict-laden "information overload", by escaping into an "apathy zone" where we call neither "cheers" nor "bullshit" at all.  Which is, of course, the state of engagement that the architects of power wish for we, the electorate.

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