Hopefully....Trump is a "Smart Parasite"
Thursday, April 25, 2019 at 03:50PM
An Unnamed Baldnobber

"It’s a smart parasite that does not kill its host."  I saw a blog comment recently that offered up a threat to the American elite.  The comment asked, rhetorically, of the hedge fund crowd, "who will protect the Hamptons when they come for you"?  This no doubt educated, provisioned and secure anti-elite com mentor followed with: 

       "When the regular folks have been desensitized and downtrodden enough that they are ready to commit atrocities as opposed to slow suicide, well I guess we’ll have to get going on a whole new crop of elite."

Regrets, I suspect that today's wannabe Marxists will do little more than blog and dream of appearing on MSNBC.  A more cynical comment in this same thread countered:

 "I could see it happen in, say Scotland, but not in this country. Americans will go to the homeless camps and the poor parts of town and slaughter those people for freedom and Jesus."

And when they do, we will talk and write about it with cultured pathos.  As a further com mentor in this same blog thread added:

"I am not sure the petite bourgeoisie of professionals who scorn the deplorables and embrace the empty rhetoric and personalities of “hope and change” as if they were objects of fashionable interior decor are much better."

It is increasingly apparent that when the sky really does fall, we "Chicken Littles" will pretty much get what we deserve!



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