Disaggregating the Equation of Time and Economic Value
Saturday, March 16, 2019 at 11:16AM
An Unnamed Baldnobber

Maturity arrives when we are no longer delusional about our finite life span. Time is unquestionably every individuals bedrock resource. Yet, our lives are dominated by acts of relinquishing authority over our time. We call it "wage earning" when our rational mind willingly suspends our direct encounter with circumstantial reality and instead pursues another's imagination... in exchange for survival. 

     If the quality of the availed survival is palpable we endure for a season and then go quietly into the night; perhaps, for some, with a melancholy tug at not having stood "up front", but for most with but a weary whimper.  If the "labor exchange" proves oppresive and the certainty of survival turns doubtful, we most likely do not leave our place in line.  We just divert our consciousness away from our heighthened fear by emersing ourselves in some analgesics of this world or some mystical mind-games about the next world .  When the "exchange" turns  dire and death appears close at hand, (i.e. when capital becomes fatally unhinged)....... we fight.

     When we do fight, we fight not for a new and improved economic paradigm, but simply to resist that system which is in place.   We have lost contact with our instinct to manage our own time in this unavoidable struggle to survive called "life".  Unless we rediscover this instinct and craft a new economic system wherein there are viable options to "selling the time of our life", it's going to be a bleak future with  two percent in a palace on the hill, 49% in a "seratonin stupor", and 49% praying for "The Rapture"   

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