Inside Pandora's Box....."me"
Sunday, March 10, 2019 at 11:06AM
An Unnamed Baldnobber

    Clearly, I am ageing within a culture that is also ageing. My sense is that both are changing at an accelerated rate. Perhaps this is natural.  We all recall the admonishments of grandparents anxious that youth would run us all off of a cliff. Perhaps, but in my most analytical non-emotional mind I can't escape the sense that a few unprecedented phenomenal occurrences have, well...opened Pandora's Box!

     My poem assessment:


I don't remember any opposing instinct
It seemed natural and normal to see "me" apart from the many others

Was "the me" immutable on arrival, simply so at all places and at all times?
Or did it, virus like, arrive and spread across our kind as an adaptive choice   

Now, very far along the wheel, I have found more light and the " me" sees more clearly
I now know that there can be no lasting future unless  the "me energy" dissolves into our common memory

I have realized that my closest encounters are unstable and that my broadest contexts are polarized and brittle
At every relationship portal separation and anguish are brewing

Yes, there is an emerging art that speaks to a transformed and enlightened future, but
 ten thousand years of "I am me and you are not" will resist going quietly into the night

The "meme of me" will scream collective, and rain fear, and mouth the words of Gods made from mirrors
So look cautiously if you peer into tomorrow, for the only path is steep and it must cross a wide river made of our tears

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