"Zucki Tokens"
Friday, March 1, 2019 at 10:54AM
An Unnamed Baldnobber

     Blockchain crypto currencies have become commonplace in recent years, at least for that subset of humans who experience educated, sophisticated and worldly lives. My guess as to their numeric prevelance is that these early-adopters represent less than !% worldwide, and no more than 3% in any country.  Small numbers, but like all change, big impact.  No longer is the media offering reports of bitcoin millionaire teenagers and international mega-frauds.  The technology has evolved and media has now turned to speculating about "mainstreet" becoming integrated in this "exchange medium" revolution. 

     The current most visible inititive to "privatize money" is Facebook, who across their various platforms touch 3+ billion humans, most of whom would be happy to complete economic transactions with their Facebook password instead of paper or bank plastic.  If the Post Office has in most part given way to UPS and FedEx, perhaps its time we bypass the First National Bank of Everywhere.  Probably most of us, (the 99%)  believe Facebook will keep our accounts straight and our purchasing power intact, even if we have no idea what Blockchain means. 

     We do know that most of our acquaintenances that call themselves Bankers are Assholes and they are regulated by Asshole+ Beauracrats, who report to Elected Politicians whose corruption is only exceeded by their stupidity. Sure Mr. Zuckerberg, bring it on.  I will be pleased to pay for my new Telsa with "Zucki Tokens". I will frame my last $100,000 USD bill....you know the one with Trump's picture on both the front and the back. #Facebook

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