"Little Mobs of Scolds"
Monday, February 11, 2019 at 09:34AM
An Unnamed Baldnobber

     As is often the case, not my words, but worthy of highlighting.  There is an emerging backlash directed against the current wave of public outcry from the "social warrior" subset.  The "scolds" are  ostenibly aligned with the progressive left, but their unrelenting attention to every minute infraction is splitting the left into the "Progressive R's", i.e. Eric Weinstein & Annie Applegate, and the "Progressive E's (emotions)". i.e. AOC & Drake. It is not obvious which of these sub-brands is the better choice, given our perilous times.  Hopefully this intra-progressive battle will not obscure the real war against the regressive right, also sub-branded into "Conservative F's (fundamentalist), i.e Huckabees,  and the Conservative E's (egocentrics), i.e. Senate Republicans.

     Sometime this year, Mueller is going to stop doing whatever the Special Council has been doing. Hopefully, "mum" will continue to be the word until late 2020, because unless Mueller looses his redact pen, unseals everything, publically presents his finding, and at minimum indicted Potus, plus the entire Potus family, and half of the Senate....well, the "Progressive E's are gonna go ballistic. In that this eventuality is extremely unlikely, Humpty-Dumpty, aka Uncle Sam, may well not survive.

     Perhaps, before it comes to this existential faceoff, perhaps the Progressive R's can manipulate the Progressive E's into a more balanced strategy for waging the, us vs. them, dualism driven perenial human war.  Christopher Hitchens said it well:  "Those who are determined to be 'offended' will discover a provocation somewhere. We cannot possibly adjust enough to please the fanatics, and it is degrading to make the attempt....



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