Hu-A-Wei (who-are-we)......really?
Tuesday, January 29, 2019 at 09:14AM
An Unnamed Baldnobber

     Who knows if poor little Trudeau is resentful or comp licit in his role as acting sycophant to Trump's 51st State.  Had Maduro's private jet stopped to refuel in Toronto would Pompeo have demanded that he be shot through a revealing window?  Seriously, the "Huawei Incident" is both frightening and stupid. 

     My guess is that Tim Cook has not stepped foot in China after the incident.  Given that the US is certain that we cannot make our own Iphones, or 5G networks to power them, this alone qualifies the "Meng Capture" initiative as Darwin Award Dumb.  Of course, setting aside the cascading economic and social implications of changing the planetary norm regarding sovereignty, there is, a profound moral issue raised by this and similar events.

     Technology has made nationalism damn near impossible. Celebrating sovereignty might have been fashionably when the League of Nations seems like a good idea, and infiltration was difficult,  but in today's Facebook/DroneStrike era there are no borders anywhere.  As such, the moral issue is not that the entire human biome is without sanctuary, but that humanity continues to complicate our mutual security by revering national soverignity, a "fake news" pattern that no longer exists and can never again exist.

     We just need to get over it and start the hard work of birthing a rational planetary order.  But, until the human consciousness is ready for this, it would be prudent for the powerful to be a little more discreet...least we find ourselves playing the last "ring-around-the-rosey".

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