A Really Bad Option
Wednesday, January 16, 2019 at 05:07PM
An Unnamed Baldnobber

     We have all seen  the recent press disclosing that millions of Social Media Users have been influenced by clandestine posts from somewhere.  Further there is evidence that these disingenuous posts were liked and forwarded most often by 65+ social media users.  Today's now media active seniors, most of whom have been scared silly by either Fox or MSNBC are "fish in a barrel" for predatory capitalism.  How bad is it?  Well, my sense is that we are rapidly aproaching an EEE (Empire Extinction Event).  Yahoo's front page story today about the Sears Bankruptcy carried a Sponsored Ad from someone identified as Hughes Optioneering.  The Ad explained that millions of financially desperate seniors are finding a new prosperity by.... OMG, "option trading" Basically, seniors who have $270 available to invest were being urged to get a "how to booklet" providing "simulated success stories" about trading hyper leveraged product/instrument futures contracts.  This is insane, and at every level far more  dispicable than the "televangelist hustles" to whom these same people often send money. 

     As far as I know, Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten are not upset about "millions of poor retirees" trading soybean put options.  They are too busy worrying about Russian stuffing the ballot box.  Perhaps Oleg Deripaska, the Aluminum Oligarch, could offer publically his Enterprise Stock to American retirees via a Facebook offering funded by retiree Paypal Accounts   Perhaps, with Trump/McConnell's support, the retirees might actually realize significant gains.   They then would not "feel so bad" when the Republicans sunset Social Security.

    Seriously, if the major Social Media players are not going to set some boundaries on haves, both foreign and domestic, ravishing "semi-literate main street have-nots", well.....Hunger Games, here we come 


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