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The Sooner the Better!

     The following was plagiarized from a thread comment on a recent Ian Welsh Blog.  It expresses, better than I, my kernel sense of our "nation tribe" current outlook.

         It is so reassuring that my fellow citizens have absolutely no interest in anything beyond their own    driveways, much less anything beyond our national borders. If our misleaders stop being able to prop up this Potemkin economy because we lose the ability to freeload and bully other nations, people in this place will tear each other to bits. All those awful things that have heretofore happened to everyone except us will finally happen to us. I guess the handful of us who may survive the carnage might finally wake up and become fit to share the planet with everyone else. Or not.  Our neighbors should probably close their border to us,  For their sake, the sooner the better.

Oh well @75

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