Oppression is Morphing to Irrelevance
Friday, September 21, 2018 at 05:46PM
An Unnamed Baldnobber

     It is easier to study the past than the future.  Noah Harari, a widely acknowledged, super smart Historian, insightfully points out that studying history is really about studying "change". In the first 10 minutes of a conversation with Sam Harris, I heard an idea that allowed me to see the Trump Phenomena more clearly.    

     Harari noted that a certain segment of humanity have always acted as though their exploitation by elites was the driving force in their lives.  Humans are hierarchical animals and, as such. it has always been, it now is, and it will be forever more.....or will it!   In the 21st century, as technology progresses, and the future it portends becomes more widely understood, a much more destabilizing "masses vs elites" attractor has come upon humanity.

     According to Harari's reading of change, non-elite humanity has, at a deep existential level, come to realize that their lives will no longer be lived in a state of oppression by elites, but that their very existence is becoming irrelevant to the elites.  Oppression allowed survival with hope.  Indeed, in the past, the plight of les miserables had occasionally taken a turn for the better.  Thanks, to VonNeuman, Jobs, and Bezos, it looks like  the future is about only The Hunger Games

    I have always been somewhat perplexed as to how there could be so many voting "deplorables" that hated Hillary.  This explanation for the current populist explosion, and their seeming longing to be oppressed by an old fashioned caricature ruler, now makes much more sense.  Thank you President Trump for saving me from become "irrelevant".


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