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McCain's Priority

     Yesterday's funeral for John McCain, an American Hero, was delivered with layer after layer of what he liked best...American Exceptional ism.  I, unlike Trump, certainly respect and admire his strong and unwavering dedication to this idea.  But, for me,  this passion for Nationalism has never felt right. I was not a soldier, a prisoner, a civil servant, nor indeed, even a political party member. For most years from Middle School through College, I had a paper route.  For thousands of pre dawn mornings I awoke noting the victories and defeats of humanity caste across the pages of the Beacon, the Eagle, and the Star.  It did not then seem sensible to cheer for the Americans and to disparage the Russians, or the Viet Cong, or the people from Granada.  It still doesn't. I thought that the United Nations was a good idea and have been disappointed that it came of age to be just a pedantry assemblage of bureaucrats trolling double-speak bullshit, but I have not lost hope that Captain Kirk's Federation is in the future.

     I don't know if I am a globalist.  I think that where I live, to be that, would be treason, but in today's ideologically polarized culture, no one really knows what any word means.  I do know that I don't care who stands and who kneels at the Cowboys Game, and that I wish all of the country songs were not about "old glory", and that it's stupid that you can buy a red, white, and blue pizza.

         Imagine there’s no countries; it isn’t hard to do 
Nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too 
Imagine all the people living life in peace.
You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.
I hope some day you’ll join us, and the world will be as on

     It seems to me that exposure to difference, talking about difference, and applauding difference, were the hallmarks of the enlightenment, that inspired era that, so we were told, evolved into liberal democracy. Unfortunately, this most valuable of all human memes, it would seem, became integral for only about 23% of our number. The remainder continue to arise and wither according to mammalian instinct, intuitively following a "kin altruism" mandate. They adhere only to the primal directives to "eat, sleep, mate, and defend". 

     As I now read "digital news" it is obvious that, at least, here in our little corner of the world, the freedom arising from a season of liberal democracy has so emboldened "the intuitives" that their innate intolerance for "others" has gone viral.  Thankfully the strongest of "the intuitives", the millions of John McCains around the world are close at hand. They are always ready, willing, and able, to do what we humans were made to do.  Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It's back To War We Go!   

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