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     The planetary record suggests that humans, for the first 99% of our history, gained only minimal insight as to what was "true".  During the last 1% (1000+ years), we gained "confirm able true" insight at what appears to have been an ever increasing pace. This relatively short "era of insight" is coming to an end. For 300,000 years humanity stood in awe of "what is", with access only to their imagination in answering "why it is".  When humanity awakened, so-to-speak, we figured out some pretty cool stuff.  No doubt the pinnacle achievement of this closing age of human insight has been that we have realized and confirmed that our naturally evolving human capacity for insight has limitations somewhat lower than our imagination can reach. 

     Had humanity accepted this limitation as a boundary condition and embraced an "existentialism/garden of eden" planetary meme, well.......but humanity didn't.  Along came computers, AI, CRISPR, self replicating AI", etc.  Our human capacity for insight has brought us just far enough to know that consciousness, gene expressions and quantum gravity, and an infinity number of higher order patterns are beyond our species capacity to understand, but...perhaps not beyond the capacity of our AI offspring.  Google's Deep Mind Group spawned the AlphaZero program that within an hour had discover and held in store an almost infinite number of both linear and non linear ways to overcome a human chess player.

    As this self evolving AI capacity reaches "insight dominance", (The AlphaInfinite Machine) we humans will again, like in antiquity, accept causal insights that we do not have the capacity to verify/validate.  Our "future oracle" pronouncements may well be of our own indirect creation, but will surely be as undecipherable as comets to cavemen. Our uncomprehendable future will look a lot like our uncomprehendable past.

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